Mineral Complex PLUS

Mineral Complex PLUS

Mineral Complex PLUS: Recover the mineral salts! For many years now we have been talking about products useful to support the body during the day, in order to give it all the essential nutrients f...
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Mineral Complex PLUS: Recover the mineral salts!

For many years now we have been talking about products useful to support the body during the day, in order to give it all the essential nutrients for survival, where an incorrect diet made up of junk foods and few liquids certainly does not help to fill up on vitamins. and minerals.ali.

Herbalife proposes Mineral Complex Plus, an innovative supplement rich in beneficial substances that, if taken regularly, will provide us with the energy necessary to face the hard hours of work or study..

We often forget to drink water, tea, herbal teas at least 2 liters a day, and this in the long run makes you feel bad in the swollen abdomen, heavy legs, poor concentration, nausea, headaches and, especially in view of the summer and the swimsuit test, lots of cellulite!te!

This is a typical problem of women in adulthood which is also referred togynoid lipodystrophy. It comes with the classic orange peel shape on the thighs, knees, belly and arms. The main causes of the appearance of cellulite are:no:

  • Sedentary life
  • Malnutrition
  • Water retention
  • Smoking and alcohol

With the help of this powerful supplement, the disposal of excess fluids between the various cells of the adipose tissue will gradually improve, making us feel moreù energetic, vital, slender and healthy!

The imperfections of cellulite will disappear over time, and without the help of liposuction..

Thanks to the action ofi electrolytes present in Mineral Complex Plus, a perfect balance will be established between the fluids entering and leaving our body. The cells weighed down and intoxicated by stagnant liquids will finally be able to dispose of these impurities and return to their vitality and health.

Its main properties:

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals, it stimulates the elimination of stagnant liquids, reducing swelling and orange-peel skinia
  • Thanks to its components, it has an excellent antioxidant effect against free radicals, which cause cell and skin agingo
  • With essential electrolytes, it restores the body's mineral balance, also favoring a greater consumption of fluids during the day and thus fighting dehydrationne

Furthermore, it contains:

  • Calcium, useful for maintaining healthy and strong teeth and bones
  • Magnesium, essential for our body and for the formation of bones
  • Potassium, useful for counteracting muscle pain, constipation and fatigueo
  • Vitamin C, useful against infections and excellent antioxidant against free radicals; it also helps absorb iron
  • Iodine, useful for the thyroid and growth
  • Iron, to better transport oxygen between cellse
  • Phosphorus, useful for building tissues and cell membranes

Using the product:

It is recommended to take 3 or 4 tablets a day, with a little water, possibly before main meals. One pack contains 90 tablets..

For a 360 effect, remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.o.

Cellulite, how it forms and why

It is a disease that affects adult women, and can appear due to unhealthy nutrition, dehydration, genetic or hormonal factors, but also problems with the micro circulatory system, especially in the legs.).

We can divide cellulite into four main phases:

  • Phase 0, or the total absence of cellulite
  • Stage 1, with signs visible only by pinching the skin
  • Phase 2, with holes in the skin visible even without external stimulus
  • Stage 3, like stage 2 but with more alterations and nodules

Cellulite can have a nature sclerotic, if it develops sclerosis, edematous when there are mainly fluid stagnations on the thighs, ankles and arms, or fibrous when there is an increase in trabecular structures.

A few more ideas…

The action of this supplement is highlighted above all by taking a lot of fluids throughout the day; the importance of proper hydration is underlined by several studies, and amply explained in in this article. If you don't love water because of its total neutrality, try some delicious Herbalife products likee Infusion of Thermojetics Herbs..

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