Formula 1 Smoothie 550g-780g

Formula 1 Smoothie 550g-780g

Healthy, balanced and tasty meal replacement. In just 220 kcal it provides all the essential nutrients for proper nutrition, while allowing you to control body weight. Ideal for breakfast, try a different taste every day!
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Formula 1: Your balanced meal!
All products are suitable for vegans and gluten-free

Also known by the name of Herbalife Smoothie, this meal replacement has been made using innovative technologies, useful for achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, in periods of inappetence and to face daily stress with greater vigor and resistance.

Formula 1 Herbalife guarantees the necessary dose of slow-release carbohydrates, combined with simple sugars for unlimited energy, fiber and proteins for a healthy and correct diet, rich in essential nutrients for the body's daily needs.o.

Low in calories and lipids, therefore suitable and strongly recommended in low-calorie diets, it reduces the sense of hunger and helps to give a boost of vitality to the metabolism, with a consequent increase in good mood and the desire to live the day with greater determination. be it light or particularly busy.

You can also choose between different flavors, according to your personal tastes. Herbalife F1 is available in packs of 550 grams, in the following flavors:

Vanilla Cream, Chocolate Delight, Banana Cream, Coffee Milk, Spiced Apple, Mint and Chocolate, Strawberry Delight, Crunchy Biscuit, Berries, Raspberry and White Chocolate.

The properties of the Herbalife Shake:

    • Rich in soy proteins, they contain all essential amino acidsi)
    • Few calories in each portion about 200 when mixed with skim milko)
    • Low fat, excellent in dietary regimesi)
    • With top quality dietary fiber
    • With vitamins A, C and E to fight against free radicals and defend the bodyo


How to use it:

This formulation can replace one of the two main meals, but it can also become an excellent ally for a complete and invigorating breakfast. Add two tablespoons of about 26 grams of product in 250 milliliters of semi-skimmed milk, and you will benefit from vitamins, carbohydrates, fibers and proteins useful for the body. Drink it hot or cold, depending on the time and your taste. The taste of this smoothie is very pleasant and will keep you company until the next meal.o.

One pack contains enough for 21 meals.

A look at any contraindications

In healthy subjects, no problems were found after prolonged use of Herbalife shake. We also remember that when we talk about the products of this dynamic company projected towards continuous innovation, we must always keep in mind that they are:
    • Natural, healthy and controlled
    • Approved by the Ministry of Health, and by those of 92 countries around the world
    • Made with the contribution of a Nobel Prize in Medicine
    • Down successfully used by millions of people

That said, as far as this smoothie is concerned, it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in order not to risk any caloric deficiencies. Diabetic patients should consult their doctor before starting a course of this type, solely because of the risk of altering the glucose level, reaching very low limits that are potentially dangerous.i.

What are free radicals?

We talk about oxidative stress when inside our body there are too many free radicals, because they are not disposed of properly. The consequences of this state are a premature and rapid aging of the skin, cardiovascular problems and, more generally, a considerable cell damage. The causes of free radicals are excessive emotional stress, a wrong and unbalanced diet, pollution, radiation and unprotected exposure to sunlight.e.
When ROS reactive oxygen species are generated free radicals are unstable entities and to stabilize they must necessarily bind to cellular structures, which in turn, when they meet with ROS, are said to be oxidized.te.
At this point, as a rule, the antioxidant agents intervene, which somehow save the cellular structures could be parts of DNA, proteins, lipids, etc. But when there are really too many free radicals, the cells degrade and the oxidative stress.ivo.

Find out even more…

There are no limits to knowledge and the desire to fully understand the quality and excellence of a company. For this we suggest you also read this article which talks about Herbalife and its science. Some more curiosities about the evil effect of free radicals on our body.ra read more here.

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Vegan Vanilla Cream & amp; no gluten, Vanilla 780gr 30 daysivegano & amp; gluten-free, Vegan Delight Chocolate, gluten-free, vegan Banana Cream, gluten-free, vegan latte & amp; no gluten, vegan spiced apple & amp; no gluten, vegan mint and chocolate & amp; gluten free, Vegan Strawberry Delight & amp; no gluten, vegan crunchy biscuit & amp; no gluten, vegan berries & amp; gluten free, raspberry and white chocolate soy, vegan & amp; no glutenvegano & no glutine)

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When Formula 1 was born?

Because it has been number one on the market for over 40 years?

How to use Formula 1?

Why choose Formula 1?

Herbalife formula 1 as never is sold in so many Online Shops What is the key to its successo?

What are the related products?

Labels, Herbalife Standard Warranty and Formula 1 Tastes


When Formula 1 was born?


TheFormula 1 was born as a meal replacement at the end of the years70, as the mother of the founder of Herbalife,Mark Hughes, died from a diet that was not healthy. She wanted to lose weight but this diet unfortunately cost her his life.

Mark he decided, therefore, also pushed by the serious obesity situation in the United States, to create onediet healthy that it didn't hurt people.

Herbalife products are bad for you? If you are interested, readthis article.

The first Herbalife product and was also the first meal replacement ever created in the world. It has always been the best-selling meal replacement in the world, every day. Sales increase by 10 every year. In the beginning Herbalife made millions and to date it has reached a turnover of billions of dollars per year. In 2019 Herbalife has turnover 8 Billion dollars.Millions of are consumed every day around the worldFormula 1.

Because for over 40 years, this product has been number one on the market


There are very manydiets that arise every year, such as the diet ofminestrone,tomato,artichoke who always likelowest common denominator the promise of losing3-6 kilos in a week or so.

These diets were born and died within 6 months, this is because by eating only one product, what are you giving, in terms of essential nutrients, to your body?

Clearly you will be able to lose a lot of weight in a short time. However, the question to ask in this case is:At what price am I losing so many kilos in a short time?

The body needs all of its elements and a diet is only serious if it manages to integrate everything that is necessary for your body.

A diet of this type is theMime Fasting,but in that case the person knows they will go on that diet forpurify your body and will only do it for 7 days.

These are special diets that are needed forregeneration mobile phone and they have very little to do with weight loss.

Let's take the example of the famousDukan diet,which made many people lose weight. However, with the passage of time, it was discovered that integrating, exclusively, proteins of animal origin obviously made you lose weight but lacked the essential elements for the body:carbohydrates,fat,trace elements and mineral salts.

In the long run it is a dangerous diet and it is not recommended to apply it in your diet.

Formula 1 manages to satisfy you, thanks to the balance of the elements that compose it. Although we have tried to discredit the Herbalife company, if you want to know more, read onthis article.

One criticism of Herbalife is that iprices I'mtoo much tall and therefore not accessible to anyone who wants to start the diet. In reality, it is enough, simply, to make two calculations and divide the expense for the entire month to understand that the daily expense is really negligible and within anyone's reach. The difference, compared to the products you buy at the supermarket, is that you make oneexpense great that lasts you for longer.

How to use Formula 1?


The Herbalife Formula 1, studied byHerbalife Scientific Committee,it includes everything the organism needs. A is always usedBreakfast and every day you choose whether to consume it aLunch or aDinner, based on the day's commitments.

It is essential to consume it in the morning for breakfast, because it is the main meal that allows you to arrive at lunch without that sense of hunger and allows you not to overdo it.

Formula 1 is a dry product and you can always take it with you. Ideal to be consumed in the office, school, university and even on trips outside the city. The only thing you will need is itshaker,that before leaving home you will fill with the portion ofFormula 1 and then you will add milk or water.

Why choose Formula 1?


Hervirtue main is that it contains all the elements that our body needs:

  • Vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic acid.
  • Minerals:Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Chromium, Molybdenum, Iodine.
  • Few Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins: isolate ofsoy.Protein is essential for the diet, because when we insert fewer calories by going on a low-calorie diet, our body attacks the lean mass, or muscle, which is easier to break down and convert into energy. Instead of losing fat, if you didn't supplement the protein, you would be losing fatmass slim that we have trained with so much effort in the gym or in sports.

If you want to see the label ofFormula 1, visit the official page of Herbalife Italy,clicking here. 

Protein has always been improving in Herbalife products. In the beginning they containedoriginal animal, mainly from milk. Over the years, things have changed, especially thanks to the research carried out byHerbalife Scientific Committee, switching to a protein, as well as more expensive to extract, which is noble and healthy from a medical point of view. Protein from thesoy, thus becoming products suitable forVegans.It also created a product suitable for glucose and soy intolerant. TheFormula 1 with Raspberry and White Chocolate.Click here for the label. This product contains proteins fromPeas.

Herbalife formula 1 as never is sold in so many Online Shops What is the key to its success?


The key to success of Herbalife Formula 1 is thesense ofsatiety that immediately after taking it. You don't need to measure it with scales, just themeasuring spoon to put the correct amount for your diet in the shaker.

Studies have shown that in obese people, when asked:"What have you eaten all day"..

They tend to forgetuntil 20% of the things they ate. This happens because they eat by instinct and do not realize how much they are eating and what the limit is not to be exceeded for a correct and healthy diet.

Having to cook yourself implies the possibility of exceeding the recommended quantities and does not allow to be precise, in this way the results are slow in coming. While with the Formula 1, having the precise measuring cup, it will be difficult to get the quantities wrong. Furthermore, by eating the ideal amount we will feel a sense of satiety that will allow us not to eat things not included in our diet.


What are the related products?

The second most important product, after Formula 1, isherbal tea, or theherbal tea Herbalife:



It allows you todrain liquids and promotes itexchange of fluid between cells. A jar will last you months, so it is convenient to buy it together with the Formula 1 jar. Just add half a teaspoon.

This is a herbal teasuper concentrated, slightly raises the body temperature, as if it were a coffee, and allows us toactivate us mentally isconcentrate.

There are people with so muchmass oily and in this case the insertion of proteins must be based on the weight of the person. To identify what the situation of our body is it is essential to calculate your ownIMC, orthe index of Mass Corporeal. In this way we will know how much protein we need to introduce into our diet.

In case you really weigh a lot or for those who do a lot of sport, it isadvisable integrate additional proteins. Precisely for this reason the third main product is theFormula 3:


To add protein to your ownFormula 1, just enter, always using thespoon dispenser (used by the smaller part, a dose of Formula 3. This, we would like to point out, is just in case your situation isobesity excessive oractivities physics carried out in a serious manner econstant.

Following the partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo, various products were created to suit every situation:

  • H24 Rebuild Endurance: useful to who performs races and marathons,for an exercise:aerobic.
  • Formula 1 Pro, designed for those whosportsmen they wantedreplace themeal.
  • CR7 Drive Sachets:forto increase your stamina during activitiesphysical, sachet version.
  • CR7 Drive Can:forto increase your stamina during activitiesphysical, jar version.
  • H24 Restore:nutritional support for athletes.
  • H24 Rebuild Strenght: suitable for those who perform exercises for themuscle mass.
  • H24 Prolong:suitable for anyone who exercises a lotintense isprolonged.
  • H24 Hydrate: solution forhydration of the sportsman.


Labels, Herbalife Standard Warranty and Formula 1 Tastes


All thelabels I am inItalian and to view them before purchasing the products, you can visitthis website where they are all collected directly from Herbalife Italy.

All products enjoyguarantee satisfied orrefunded of30 days, which allows you to do thereturned free, even when the jar is empty, and to obtain thereimbursement business suit.

Formula 1 has many flavors, suitable for every palate. But not only are they also suitable for all intolerances.

Tastes Formula 1 that are suitable forvegans iswithout gluten:

  • Vanilla Cream
  • Chocolate Delight
  • Banana Cream
  • Caffellatte
  • Broken Apple
  • Mint and Chocolate
  • Strawberry Delight
  • Crunchy biscuit
  • Berries


Taste Formula 1 suitable for intolerant tosoy and algluten and aivegans:

  • Raspberry and White Chocolate


What sets Formula 1 apart from other meal replacements?

His tasteinimitable and designed to begood.In this way you will practice your diet with taste and you will not see them getting up in the morning knowing that your Formula 1 is waiting for you. Or you will be looking forward to the lunch or dinner break.




Formula 1 label:


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