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Herbalife distributes its products through the multilevel system, the founder Mark Reynolds Hughes , decided this method because he wanted to sell the products and at the same time make sure that the people who bought the products became a living advertisement themselves.

He absolutely wanted the people who consume the products to be their advertisement and therefore sell it through them.

By doing this he eliminated the whole chain of distributors and wholesalers. In the case of the latter we have a long chain as the wholesaler sells it to a smaller distributor who in turn resells it to a retailer, which would be the shop where people will go to buy it.

By switching to wholesalers every time the item is sold from one distributor to another, the price is raised, as is normal, and causes the customer to overspend.

In this way however, also to help people who wanted to embark on a diet, it allowed anyone interested in the brand to earn money and maybe just wanted to repay the costs of the diet. Even by selling the items to two people , friends or colleagues, the diet could be done for free .

It is thought that opening a business is complicated, however with Herbalife it is not like that. Suffice it to say that to make a profit, you just need to sell the products to 3 people. When people lose weight they are the living example of being able to sell the product. For example, do you have a colleague who is a bit overweight? After 30 years you see it's starting to get a nice shape. No advertising can be better, when people see someone losing weight they are pushed, spurred both to improve themselves and, also, to ask the person who has lost so many kilos for information.

Nothing can be compared to what people see with their own eyes, a person you are used to seeing fat and tired who turns into slim and full of energy is the best advertising for products that can be done. Nothing compares.

Mark Hughes decided that instead of giving away money to networks, retailers, wholesalers and network television, he wanted to create another system. He wanted it to be sold by the people who use it.

The Herbalife company, nowadays, could, given the great growth of people who buy products online, open a large online store and sell all its products directly and not through authorized distributors. However, the company is faithful to this fundamental principle, given by its founder, which is that the company does not directly sell the products to the final consumer . This is because it would compete unfairly with the more than 2.7 million distributors working in 94 countries . If you want more information about it, click here.

The company remained adamant on that point. Over the years, in any case, several innovations have been made, after the death of its founder in 2000, namely, adding new products, about 53, main products for men and the product to ward off heart attacks: Niteworks

This product was formulated by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Louis Ignarro . Basically this product, thanks to nitric oxide , which is a gas naturally present in the body, promotes vascular and blood circulation . All this must be framed in a varied diet and constant physical exercise.

There are some fundamental things that Herbalife has decided to keep the same, in exactly the same way, so Apple , despite the innovation, with the new SEO , Tim Cook , remains tied to some wishes of Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, one of which was that the iPhone was a rectangle with rounded corners. Another wish was that the system was end-to-end, i.e. that the customer could not intervene in the operating system, thus making it a closed system compared to Android.

The reasons why these fundamental characteristics for Apple, which allow it to be identified as a secure system with an always captivating design, are the same as those of the Herbalife company, that is to continue following the line marked by the founder . This is why the company continues with multi-level marketing and the results are excellent . Multi-level marketing is not to be confused with the pyramid system, which if interested in learning more, we refer you to the article on the matter:

Herbalife Controversies and Opponents


The sales channel is always the same, it is the consumers who decide to sell the product. However, as smartphones have changed after the death of Steve Jobs in 2011, so have the methods of sale with the advent of online sales. In 2002, there was not a single site selling Herbalife products online, with more than 150 sites selling the products online.

Obviously what are the differences ? What are the three channels from which you can buy Herbalife products online ?

Sales channels:

  • You can become direct customers of the company, thanks to the purchase of the official Herbalife Italia card by buying it from an authorized distributor , like us. In this way you too will become Authorized Distributors or Privileged Customers . Click here to find out more. The discount will start from 25% and can become, based on your purchases and sales, up to 50% . Once you reach the 50% discount, you will never go back, even if you don't buy anything. On the Official Herbalife website you pay the delivery costs, while on our website they are free. The card is therefore not recommended for purchasing only a single product, while for large and continuous purchases we absolutely recommend it. This KIT costs € 58 , in which you have included in the price: Vanilla Formula 1 , the best seller, measuring spoon , shaker , catalogues, diet instructions, DVDs and manuals for the sale of Herbalife products.
  • Buy Herbalife products directly online , on our website , we refer you to the page with all the products. The main advantage of using this sales channel is that you have no shipping costs , they arrive directly at your home. If you need a shaker or measuring spoon , just add it to your cart while preparing your order. This is a very convenient channel, since we don't send advertising, we don't come to your home to offer you products and we don't call to suggest the purchase of other products. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all online websites that sell Herbalife products. Many do not insert a real payment system and make customers believe they are placing the order correctly but at the time of payment a message like this comes out: "We need to verify that it was you who placed the order , we will contact you in the next few hours to confirm the data and continue with the payment". It is not a loyal behavior towards the customer and for this reason we do not adopt this type of policy. The objective of the call to "verify" is to try to sell additional products and to retain the acquired customer as much as possible. We are sure that many customers, especially the more introverted ones , would not be happy with such behavior.

    On our site you have all the payment methods, including Paypal, which ensures that you can place your order in complete autonomy and with all the guarantees that this service offers. We also accept payment by postal order and bank transfer. Of course you can also simply pay with your card details, which will be processed by a serious banking site and with maximum security, all managed by the Shopify provider, which is the most used to sell anything online. If you'd like more information about Shopify, click here. We also have Stripe as a payment method, also used by many important companies such as Deliveroo, Asos and Booking. So this method of purchase allows a lot of convenience, because the products arrive directly at home, with no delivery costs and coming directly from the Herbalife Italia warehouses. They arrive at your home in maximum 24h-36h . We remind you that we are available on our toll-free number: 800 529 710 - 365 days a year , including holidays, from 10 to 20 for any information , advice on Herbalife products.

  • The last sales channel is the door-to-door salesman. This channel went many years ago. They are, like the sellers of vacuum cleaners, they come to your home and give you all the advice and information , obviously trying to sell as much as possible. They may therefore not be objective in what the customer needs but just try to sell as many products as possible. The same information that we, for example, could give you directly over the phone, but without any pressure from presence.

    Door -to- door sellers certainly insist much more and even if, perhaps, you have completed your diet journey or no longer want to continue, they will still try to sell you the products for some time, since it is their only source of income . . Having few customers, every customer is precious to him and he absolutely wants to sell more.
    Knowing your phone number and home address can pressure you more successfully and give you unnecessary stress. This online, especially here, does not exist and does not happen.
    Lately this type of sale is always decreasing because people have less and less time to devote to these vendors, they prefer recreational and pleasant activities: going on holidays , seeing friends and other things.
    The online allows you to have freedom of action, on our site you can make the purchase in less than a minute, with 12 payment methods , finalize your order and it will arrive in a maximum of 2 working days directly at home.

Thanks for your attention, see you next article !

Secondina Staffolini


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