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Did you know that to lose weight in a healthy way it is not only important that what we eat, but when let's eat?

To always keep our metabolism active and not get too hungry for big meals, it is important to divide the day into 5 small meals .

Here is the importance of balanced snacks who give us the right nourishment with taste .

  • Protein bars : tasty snack in 3 flavours: Chocolate & Peanuts, Vanilla & Almonds and Citrus flavour... perfect snacks rich in protein .
  • Tomato soup : excellent both hot and cold, contains lycopene and inulin , a prebiotic fiber. Also great as aperitif or appetizer or light dinner.
  • Roasted Soy Nuts : Delicious salty snack perfect for a snack even on the go. With 9g of protein and 113 kcal per sachet, Roasted Soy Nuts are a perfect snack for every moment of the day preferable to snacks such as chips or crackers.

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