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We have always been told this from an early age: eat salad, eat broccoli, eat spinach seems like a real nightmare! And all the children in the world have thought at least once: When I grow up, I will eat only French fries and I will completely abolish these crappy vegetables !!! You find yourself in it. I think so, for 99 of people. Certainly as we grow and mature, fortunately, tastes change too; and the much hated cabbages and savoy cabbage, at 30 become an interested side dish. Thereessate. La Mediterranean diet typical of our areas, it has accustomed our parents, grandparents and ancestors for centuries to eat cereals and vegetables of all kinds; they grew in the garden of the house, or at most a neighbor gave them to you in exchange for some commission or as a barter for other products. From the 80s onwards, however, there has been an enormous growth, at an exponential level, of junk foods; sweet and savory snacks, potato chips in bags, packaged and pre-cooked products, soups and freeze-dried soups. The growing need to dedicateicare little time at the table and the consumption of meals, caused by a hectic, too active and stressful life, has caused these products to increase on the supermarket shelves; foods that are easy to cook, fast and, although not very nutritious, quite satisfying, at least in the short term. L’Obesity has become part of our daily life. And also many diseases related to it Consumption of vegetables, in correct quantities, on a daily basis, can really make a difference within an unregulated and hasty diet..

The benefits of vegetables

First of all we start from the assumption that the space occupied by vegetables reduces the space available for other foods that are certainly more caloric and fatty, vegetables are par excellence the least caloric and leanest food, after tap water !. And we have already done a lot here. Then add the high nourishing power of vegetables which, with so many vitamins, fibers and mineral salts, become truly indispensable within a healthy diet. But here are five great reasons to add a healthy amount of vegetables to your daily diet:idiana:
  1. They bring a high satiating power: eat them BEFORE the plate of pasta or steak, you will notice that later you want to eat less
  2. They offer a lot of ideal nutrients for a healthy and harmonious life: vitamin C, E, A fibers that help intestinal transit, mineral salts and water, always essential for humans and animalsi
  3. With very few calories, they allow you to eat your fill without affecting your diet
  4. Colorful and very tasty: always choose the seasonal ones, you will be able to obtain many more benefits
  5. The high fiber content keeps blood sugar spikes in check, helping to avoid any cravings for snacks between mealssto

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