Immune response: swimming, running and stationary bikes are the sports that help you improve it!

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Risposta immunitaria: nuoto, corsa e cyclette sono gli sport che ti aiutano a migliorarla!
Immune response and sport: what links these two factors? All! Sports activities practiced outdoors or in water, above all those of the aerobic type, have proven to be very valid allies for the well-being of the organism and for the strengthening of the immune system. But how come our body has a immune response important following the performing low-impact sports? For example, let's talk about sports such as swimming, running or cycling. What is happening on a systemic level?

Immune response: how is it modulated?

Our body produces antibodies to resolve states of inflammation primary or secondary chronic (i.e. triggered by viruses or bacteria, including simple influenza viruses typical of the cold season). So what happens when we run or swim? While exercising, as an adaptive response to stress, the body increases the production of certain hormones. Especially cortisol and catecholamines, the "stress hormones", to be precise. But, at the same time, to regain its homeostasis it produces up to six times more killer leukocytes, which are important for the prophylaxis of viral infections. Aerobic physical activity it also increases body temperature, especially if practiced for at least half an hour and at an average pace. And increasing body temperature is our body's very first defense maneuver when it wants to fight viruses or bacteria, to create an unfavorable environment for them! Activities such as swimming, running and cycling are also practiced in common areas (swimming pool) or in the open air. This constantly exposes the body to potential pathogens, allowing it to immunize itself.

When to avoid physical activity?

According to recent Education it is good to practice physical activity even when sick only when the symptoms are felt "from the neck up". A runny nose, headache or cough can get better after a good workout. When, on the other hand, we are dealing with bone pain or fever, it is better to avoid training. In these cases to better support the immune system, it is sufficient to rely on supplements and supplements. Come i multivitamins containing good doses of vitamin C! Vitamin C is a real panacea for all flu states. It must be integrated because the quantities contained in a normal juice, unfortunately, are not sufficient to cover the daily requirement. It's good then, always keep yourself well hydrated and support the organism with minerals dissolved in water, to reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

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