Healing power of Aloe Vera:the sap that is good for health!

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Potere curativo dell'Aloe Vera: la linfa che fa bene alla salute!
Thehealing power of Aloe Vera it is undisputed: studies after studies have followed one another over the years, demonstrating its absurd effectiveness. Aloe cures an infinite number of problems eis good for health at 360°. Yet it is not a drug and, indeed, it is really the "purest" and most natural supplement that exists in the world! And then just like it happens for nutritional supplements) why not get in the habit oftake it daily as a preventive measure A small gift for well-being to give to yourself to choose to love yourself every day. Because well-being, after all, is hidden behind the small gestures with which we take care of our body and our health!

The healing power of Aloe: here are all its properties

Thehealing power of Aloe resides above all in hisanti-inflammatory and soothing properties against the gastrointestinal mucosa. The intestine, you know, is in fact our "second brain": the healthier it is, the better it absorbs the micronutrients we provide it with aProper nutrition. This results in better blood chemistry parameters and consequently in astrengthening of the immune defenses.

But what other effects does the Aloe gel have? Aloe is::

  • Detoxifying: because it penetrates the tissues and favors the elimination of waste toxins
  • Antipyretic: thanks to its anti-inflammatory powers
  • Anti-inflammatory: it can significantly lower the degree of inflammation of the organism, especially that of a chronic nature!!)
  • Analgesic: curative against headache and muscle pain
  • Hemostatic: Helps stop blood loss following minor injuries
  • Regenerating: it starts the tissue regeneration process, both internal and external, very useful in the presence of gastric ulcerse)
  • Energizing: detoxifies the body ensuring a "sprint" effect
  • Proteolytic and healing: stops blood loss and promotes healing
  • Anti-itch: perfect for soothing sunburnt skin
  • Moisturizing: deeply hydrates without greasing
  • Bacteriostatic: prevents the proliferation of bacteria and is very useful against the bites of insects or other animals such as jellyfishe)
  • Fungicide: excellent inside shampoo and shower gel, to be used in the most crowded and risky environments in gyms, swimming poolse)
  • Antitumor properties: themost interesting aspect, still under approval by the scientific community

The Herbalife solution

L'Aloe Vera to drink Herbalife is available in versionsConcentrated classic taste and mango and in the versionAloe MAX.Aloe MAX is the real revolution:the purest product on the market, with over 97 pure gel inside! One of the few in the world that can boast of purity mark guaranteed by the prestigious IASC (International Aloe Science Council..

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