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A little information about your orders and common problems that may actually arise practically never happens when shipping Herbalife products ordered online on this siteo

I placed an order, but I haven't received an email and I don't have an order number. I want to check the status of the order.

Send us your name and email address used in the order, and we will try to give you the data you asked for. It is also possible that an order has not actually been sent: in this case we will contact you and let you choose if you actually want to ship your order. Once your order is confirmed, we will send you an order confirmation email from us. Tip: Once the order is confirmed, the shopping cart will be deleted. If you are not sure if you have placed an order, please go to our shopping cart page and check if the items are still there. If so, it means that the order has not yet been processed. Can I change my Herbalife product order once it is placed on the online site Once submitted, the order is sent to the warehouse. Check your order before confirming it definitively. NO PRODUCT CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, unless you send the products back to us within 30 days. I ordered my products this morning and it's been a few hours and I still haven't received the FedEx tracking number. Why All orders sent are sent to Herbalife warehouses. Due to the volume, please allow the warehouse to ship the package. Warehouses are also closed on public holidays, which also affect shipping times. Once the package has been shipped, we will email you the tracking number only if specifically requested by you. The tracking email will be sent based on the shipping type and product availability..

I have ordered from another site / distributor and I want to return the products. What should I do?

First, you only need to request a return from whoever you ordered the products. We cannot process returns if your order does not come directly from our sitewww.iodieta.com. If you have not been able to get a satisfactory answer, try calling Herbalife Italy support at 06 52304514

I have 2 or more coupons. I can use them both together for the same order?

No, we can only accept 1 coupon per order. It is not possible to combine multiple coupons to be used on the same order.

I know someone who is also a distributor. I can place an order here, but credit the sale to that distributor?

No, we are independent distributors. The order will be processed, but we will not be able to credit that distributor.

Where can Herbalife products be shipped?

We currently ship Herbalife products throughout Italy. We place the order a few minutes after confirmation on your site and the delivery takes place within 36 working hours. If you go to our official goherbalife port, the online shipping is even faster! Go uphttps://shopprodottionline.goherbalife.com

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