Herbalife Controversies and Opponents

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Herbalife Controversie e Oppositori

Herbalife is the company in the world, in the sector of supplements And meal replacements, which sells more.

This company has existed since 1980 and continues to innovate its products thanks to substantial investments in Research (via PhDs, Scientists & Nobel Prizes) e production with high quality materials.

This success, clearly, draws criticism from detractors who do everything to sink the company.

Let's think about Coke, in the 80s, it was at the center of a debate because it was discovered that if you were to put an iron nail in a glass of Coca Cola and leave it for a week it would be completely dissolved by the Coca Cola.

This, of course, is sobering and has been a major blow to the brand. This criticism has never really been overcome and in fact it is still one of the central points today when you want to criticize the brand. Laws this article If you want to learn more, watch this video: 


However, despite the criticisms, to this day it is still the soft drink favorite it's more sold in the world. The success of Coca Cola is unstoppable. Some have tried to imitate it and the Pepsi it is the only example of a drink that has managed to become a serious competitor.

Coca Cola has been around since 1886 and in 2015, after 129 years, the secret formula that no one knew about was revealed. This is clearly not a blow to the brand because it now has a centuries-old positioning and history. If you want to learn more, read on this article.

These criticisms are addressed to companies but not only. It also happens for i diamonds, this is because the way they are extracted, most often through practices of exploitation and ridiculous wages. However, the Diamond has a value that remains stable over time.

For example, it is different for watches produced by the Swiss brand: Swatch.Having a collection of watches does not guarantee that their value will remain stable and not decline over time. Maybe at some point they are worth it millions dollars but after a while they depreciate excessively.

This discourse is different for i Diamonds, Oro, Properties which, as we said, have a very stable value. Even in times of crisis they acquire greater value precisely because one is more inclined to invest in them than in anything else in times of uncertainty.

Let's take another example, the company that symbolizes technological luxury: Apple.
It was thought that once he was dead Steve Jobs the company would soon lose its stock market listings and its, until then, incredible innovation in the technological and digital sector.

Instead, now 9 years after Steve's death, we can say that Apple has always managed to bring new ideas and innovations that, every time, upset the market. Last example headphones: AirPods which have had an incredible and unexpected success. In 2019, they sold 60 million of these new bluetooth headphones. Laws if you want to elaborate. Lately they have also launched digital services to compete with Netflix, namely, Apple TV+. 

In short, they do not stand still and try to always be ready to launch new ones products And services for their customers and potential new ones.

Let's move on music for a few moments. Let's think about the singer Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, also known simply as Madonna.

It was believed that it was over and no longer had the success of the past. However Madonna in the 2012 he has traveled the world with his MDNA Tour which took place from May 31, 2012 to December 22, 2012 and was the his biggest tour world. Clearly one would be tempted to think that his best were those of the years 90.

Not really, as we said, in 2012 it had its highest number of spectators and also the highest revenue of all its tours. Since streaming has existed, the revenues of singers derive mainly from concerts and commercials. Nowadays, few people still buy the physical disc of an album.

Also the next tour the Rebel Heart Tour, which began in 2015 and ended in 2016, was very successful. This is because she has her loyal fans who are willing to follow her everywhere and she also spends significant amounts of money to see her live.

Even the giant of online sales: Amazon he was at the center of a debate after he patented electronic bracelets.

It happened in 2018, after having published these patents, which would allow, when and if they were to develop them (after the criticisms, we really don't think so), to further speed up the work of warehouse workers through electronic bracelets. Laws this article if you want to elaborate.

Herbalife it is part of these large companies that we have mentioned. Everyone knows the products, many have tried them. Products Herbalife they work and they are healthy.

The product is balanced, contains the best proteins and is vegan, gluten-free and soy-free. If you want to learn more about Herbalife's change, read on this article. The vegetable proteins are extracted from the pea. Therefore they are less heavy, light and easily digestible.

Herbalife is a very company careful. Vitamins are not synthetic but are natural. The minerals are first choice and the supplier companies are carefully selected. The controls are very rigorous.

The products are all sealed and this prevents retailers from altering the product or removing part of it from the jar or any other product.

We clearly recommend buying products from your own country, labeled in your own language and therefore authorized by your own Ministry of Health. Herbalife products pass the tests of 94 countries and their related Ministries of Health. Each product has been tested hundreds of times by hundreds of different laboratories. Added to these are also the analyzes from private laboratories, which would like to find problems or unauthorized ingredients, within the vast range of Herbalife products.

Therefore Herbalife founded by Mark Reynolds Hughes, which initially sold the products in person but within a few years it became a company listed on the stock exchange and went from the first million to the first billion. This is thanks to the help of his close collaborator Michael O. Johnson.

Since Herbalife went public, detractors and opponents have increased dramatically. Up to the worst attempt, namely that of the billionaire Bill Ackman.

He tried the biggest lawsuit against Herbalife, trying any way he could to bring the company down. The accusation principal was that Herbalife was a pyramid system, which means that the turnover does not come from the sales of products but from the acquisition of new sellers.

Simply explained: Do you want to sell my products? Very well, to do this you will have to bring me, for example, 10 other sellers. However, the latter will have to pay a large sum to enter. In the case of pyramid schemes, this sum is the company's first source of income.

Pyramid selling is forbidden in all countries of the world. This system is a scam. Whoever sells with this system has no real income and only brings new sellers and therefore invoices to the company.

After a series of exhausting and costly trials that were held throughout the United States due to the fault of this billionaire Bill, many courts seemed to be in favor of destroying the Herbalife company, as it is true that on some occasions some sellers were found badly and had failed, especially in Spain.

Let's think about how many shops go bankrupt, to make a shop work you need to have characteristics and know how to treat customers. Fundamental the kindness with the latter. Give the customer what they want is McDonald's slogan.

Another company much criticized in the world but which has managed to reach incredible levels. If you are interested in learning more, watch the film: The Founder, available on Netflix. It's just about how McDonald's started its global climb.

Now going back to Herbalife. Herbalife works, the products are balanced, there are also carbohydrates, even though they make you fat. However, in a balanced diet every nutrient is essential.

On Netflix you can find another documentary, which talks about Herbalife, it's called Betting on Zero and has won several awards.

In the documentary, there are many twists and turns, but in the end, he wins Michael O. Johnson. Bill Ackman misses his coup because he fails to substantiate his allegations with substantial evidence. What he said wasn't entirely false, many Herbalife sellers went bankrupt and it's true. However the initial investment is 58€. If you want to learn more about Bill Ackman and his allegations, read on this article.

Which Bar can you open with so little money? Can you maybe open a shop downtown? Today the activities in the suburbs do not work. You with 58€ can you open a business at the Duomo? Or, reasonably, do you need €500,000 or €1,000,000?

Out of hundreds of thousands there are people capable, brought to sell and young. the fundamental thing is to show that the product works, that it is not a scam, that Herbalife does not produce carcinogenic products, that there is nothing behind it, no scandal and no deaths.

Obviously if you are a Spaniard that weighs 200kg and you try to open a Herbalife business you have little chance of success. You need to know how to talk, find customers and show that the products work thanks to personal results.

However, as demonstrated, Herbalife cannot be accused of a pyramid system, as moles 58€ to start the activity, a Formula 1 can is included for the price of 47€. If you can't sell it it's not the business for you. Per day they are consumed 11 million Herbalife Formula 1 and if you don't manage to sell it, most likely, it's not the right business for you.


 The 58€ includes all the following things:

  • The main product, which is the best-selling ever: Formula 1 Herbalife - Vanilla flavour
  • 1 professional shaker
  • 1 measuring spoon
  • discounted price lists,
  • Dvd
  • Information material to start the activity
  • Printing of the identification badge as a Herbalife Seller with a passport photo, which is subsequently reported to the police headquarters to indicate that the person will become a door-to-door seller and therefore with control of the relative criminal records
  • 1 briefcase containing everything described, as well as manuals on how to start the activity and the addresses of the Herbalife Italia S.p.A. schools.


With these 58€ to start the activity, no further purchases are necessary and they also include the registration of the card, in this case Herbalife Italy contact the public administration and report that the person becomes an Official Herbalife Italia distributor and is authorized to sell door-to-door. If someone were to call the police, everything is reported and you are covered with respect to squatters. Subsequently, to become an official seller, a search is also carried out on the toll booth and if nothing is found, the Official Herbalife Seller card, laminated and with passport photo is sent


All this is included in the 58€. The company therefore has no profit from the sale of this KIT to start selling Herbalife products.

The gain of Herbalife it is not based on hiring new salespeople but it is based on selling. The 50% of the profit goes to the company, which must also produce the product and the rest 50% remains with the official Herbalife seller. But not just an additional 5% goes to the person who invited the seller, the 3% to the one who in turn had invited this person and again the 2% to whom he had invited the latter. These percentages are deducted from the 50% of Herbalife's earnings and not the seller's.

This sales model is called multilevel marketing, because you not only earn on what you sold but you earn up to the third level.

There are sellers who have thousands Of sellers under them and who earn each month from the sales of other sellers. This is because they have developed one big network of sellers and do not sell the product directly to the final customer but simply, around the world, they train other Herbalife Distributors, take courses and teach the best techniques to be able to sell the product.

There are various annual meetings and, specifically, 2 large meetings with tens of thousands of attendees. There are also some vacation with huge discounts. For some sellers, who have an excellent turnover, there is the possibility of taking a fully paid summer vacation from the Herbalife company, this to thank them for the work done during the year.

Getting back to the main topic, of course, there are people who have made this small initial investment and failed to make it big and therefore wanted their money back.

Therefore, all the lawsuits, including that of Bill Ackman, have recognized Herbalife as a person capable of carrying on its lawful business. That is, selling healthy products that are used by companies, volleyball teams, tennis players, Cristiano Ronaldo and many others.

Herbalife is the official supplier of the national swimming federation: FIN.


At the end of these processes initiated by Bill the price on the stock exchange is collapsed at historic lows because, clearly, he had launched his charges, or accusing Herbalife of pyramid chain.

So he crashed the Herbalife stock price and bought it, the whole thing was one speculation. He launched into this enormous speculation which, however, did not bring the results he desired. His goal was to crash the stock price and buy a lot of them, so that as soon as they went back up he would sell them and make a lot of money.

The Herbalife company, after receiving full settlement from the courts and federal process, put more shares into circulation and the stock went through the roof. Bill Ackman he lost a lot of money and the company came out completely clean. This was the last major attack, which happened around 2012/13. After this attack by the billionaire, no other attacks have been made since 2014. After a period of high stress, Micheal O. Johnson that had been replaced is back to being the CEO of Herbalife as it is Tim Cock for Apple.



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