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Are you familiar with Herbalife products and have you seen the incredible results the people around you are getting? Well, Herbailfe products are used successfully in 94 countries around the world and the growth of the Herbalife Nutrition company shows no signs of stopping. Have you tried the products yourself and experienced these results first hand? Are you enthusiastic about Herbalife products and have you heard about the possibility of opening your own completely independent business thanks to these same products? Where there's a great product that delivers great results, there has to be a great business opportunity, and it's no different with Herbalife, except the company offers the opportunity to everyone! Only a company that rewards its distributors well, is a company that will thrive and thrive. Herbalife is one such company.

Who can work for Herbalife? Everyone!

Products are distributed through a network of members, called Independent Herbalife Distributors. You can only purchase Herbalife products from an official Herbalife distributor. To become a Herbalife member, you must be registered as such. This is done through a process called "sponsorship" or "recruitment". You can be sponsored or recruited into the Herbalife network alone from someone who is already a Herbalife member. For this process, you need to purchase a Herbalife Member Pack, referred to as HMP (Herbalife Member Pack). This contains all the information you need to start becoming an independent Herbalife distributor: an application form with a Herbalife identification number and some products that you can use immediately. The price of HMP is 58.22 in Italy. Excellent value for money: since it also contains the main product sold by the company, the Herbalife formula 1 smoothie, which itself costs 46 euros.

Review of Herbalife business methodology

As an independent member of Herbalife, you are fully self-employed. In fact, your business is not to work for Herbalife. You don't even work for the person who sponsored you. Your distribution is your business. No one will direct you and hang around giving you orders: you are the boss. However, even though it's a completely personal business, you're never alone! Your sponsor and the people in your network are all there to support and help you as best they can. Herbalife regularly conducts member trainings at all levels worldwide, as well as online. The strategy for success in working for Herbalife is simple:

Use the products yourself

Believing in the effectiveness of the products is essential; you can't recommend it to others, if you don't use it yourself and you know it works.

Wear the Herbalife brand

This is an easy way to start a conversation. People will notice your clothes and your business, make a few observations and you can use the opportunity to share the Herbalife experience with them.

Talk to people

Everyone can benefit from these products. Tell your friends and family that your business is to work for Herbalife as an independent distributor, that you can recommend the right nutritional products for any need. And if anyone ever talks to them about Herbalife, or if they know someone who might be interested, get them in touch right away. Chances are if you don't talk to them first, someone else will take advantage! There are no limits to how you can use language to convince people and draw them to you. The crucial point is to show them the results people get from the products and give them enough information to make an informed decision. Using the Internet to recruit more people and sell products online is an asset to be absolutely exploited! Working for Herbalife has never had more opportunities for development than it has today thanks to new technologies!

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