How to Deflate and Slim Your Legs

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Come Sgonfiare e Snellire le Gambe
It is a disorder felt more by the female sex, especially in the menopausal age, but in recent years this phenomenon has also involved younger women, even adolescents, and even some boys. These are heavy, aching legs, full of excess fluid stagnation and lack of return of blood flow from the periphery to the heart. Seniors, adults and children now spend most of their time sitting at a desk, in front of the computer, or on the sofa watching television. This type of passive attitude is detrimental to our body, which instead would like us to always be active, fit, and light. The legs weigh only a third of the total kilos, and are forced to support the other two thirds of body weight, and this can sometimes be exhausting work for them. Especially during the summer, many people notice sometimes even particularly severe swelling in the area of the ankles and feet. That is a clear symptom of water retention and lack of constant movement. Our lymphatic system should be helped by drinking lots of liquids and trying to use the lower limbs as much as possible, avoiding the elevator, going to work by bicycle, or shopping on foot, forgetting the car. During the gloomy days we can also do some home exercise, such as going up and down the stairs 10 times in a row, or jogging on the spot, perhaps to music! The exercises can become fun, and can also be combined with classic housework, such as dusting, mopping the floor or ironing.

Some useful tips to slim your legs

Here are some tips to apply every day without great effort:
  •  During the hot season, let's take a nice cool shower, using the jet starting from the feet, then ankles, calves and thighs, to stimulate blood circulation with the almost cold water
  • Let's reduce the 'static' hours and look for some little tricks to get moving at any time of the day
  •  We use graduated compression stockings, specifically designed for those suffering from poor venous return, leg pain and swelling
  • Let's avoid exaggerating with salt in food and try to keep body weight stable
  • Let's remember to drink a lot during the day, perhaps helping ourselves with refreshing drinks, light and rich in mineral salts such as, for example, the Herbal Infusion Thermojetics Herbalife, invigorating and draining; manages to hydrate you constantly and at the same time helps to dispose of all excess liquids, thus preventing them from stagnating in the legs and ankles. Herbalife also offers Herbal Aloe Concentrate, a formulation obtained from the Aloe plant, rich in potassium and magnesium (excellent for circulation) and antioxidants to fight free radicals.

What do we mean by water retention

Water retention is the body's difficulty in expelling liquids and usually manifests itself with inflammation of the soft tissues, caused by an accumulation of liquids outside the cells. Normally, these liquids are not retained and are drained through the circulation of venous blood and lymph, to free the body of toxins and waste. When this circulation does not take place correctly, stagnations form.

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