Working with Herbalife

What it's like to work with Herbalife?

Working with Herbalife essentially means 3 things:
  • sell Herbalife products
  • find new customers and retain them
  • convince other people to take up the Herbalife business with youe
Working with Herbalife has 3 amazing benefits:
  • it does not require initial investments
  • you can carry out the activity when and how you prefer, deciding the time to dedicate to it based on your results and your specific needse
  • if you manage to level up in sales results and customer loyalty, you could make money without even lifting a finger. But let's go in order.

How the sale of Herbalife products works?

Herbalife products are sold through a system of authorized Herbalife product sellers. The company does not have stores where it sells its products directly, but as a multilevel marketing company, it outsources the sale of the products to people like you and me, who promote Herbalife products for the purpose of selling them..

The company's proceeds are shared across the Herbalife authorized dealer network, which currently numbers over 4 million people in over 96 countries around the world..

In 2017, Herbalife Nutrition's revenue was over $ 4.5 billion, growing steadily despite the 2008 crisis.

The company, you probably know, is a leader in the sale of meal replacements and food supplements. The sector is flourishing: from year to year the conquest of new national markets has contributed to the expansion of the company, which has notnon

How do you get started with Herbalife?

Working with Herbalife means starting to sell Herbalife products.

To sell Herbalife products, you need to contact an authorized reseller yes, that's us, to buy one fromn Herbalife Member Pack. Just follow the link or click on the image and proceed with the purchase of the product.o.

The Herbalife Member Pack has a cost of 58.22 euros. We know we told you that getting started with Herbalife does not require upfront investment, but this is really the only cost to start the business.tà.

We do not earn anything from the sale of this package, which also includes a Herbalife Formula 1 product, worth 46 euros, the company's flagship product..

  • The license to sign the contract
  • a jar ofHerbalife Formula 1, the first product sponsored by the company and the best-selling evero
  • The welcome letter
  • A Herbalife branded bag
  • A price list
  • 2 DVDs and a whole series of brochures and flyers useful for carrying out the activityà
  • Guide Book Handbook of wellnesse”
  • The I love Herbalife magnetic brooch
  • The brooch you want to lose weight

Once you have purchased the Herbalife Member Pack, there are two ways::

  • We can proceed to register yourself with Herbalife Nutrition S.p.a as Herbalife distributors, through the fully automated online procedure.
  • Otherwise, you can choose to have the contract sent directly to your home, sign it and send it to Herbalife's Rome office by registered mail. In this case, once you have received the paper contract, you can proceed with its compilation by following the instructions inThis Page

Buy the Herbalife Member Pack

Buy the Herbalife Member Pack and start selling Herbalife products yourself..

Discount on Herbalife products by purchasing the Herbalife Member Pack: earnings on direct saleste

Purchasing a Herbalife Member Pack immediately entitles you to a 25 discount on all Herbalife products.e.

This margin allows you to earn on the resale of the products.

Once a certain volume of sales is reached, new discount levels are accessed, up to 50. The higher discounts are available only to those who manage to obtain a certain number of sales..

Many customers try to get 500 volume points to a certain number of orders in a single month to get the 35 discount, which is permanent.te.

This increases the margin for resale gain by another 10%

Additional earning opportunities: commissions and checks

In addition to direct sales, a completely optional independent distributor activity, such as selling the products themselves, is to persuade customers to start selling Herbalife products themselves.fe.

Just as you are purchasing an Herbalife Member Pack from me, if you wish to start selling Herbalife products, you too could bring someone into the Herbalife world by having them purchase a Herbalife Member

Once your loyal customers have started selling a certain volume of products, you will be entitled to a commission on their sales.

Also, if the people who bought a Herbalife Member Pack from you start introducing other people to selling Herbalife products, you will also make money on the products those people sell.

You will be the head of what is called Downline, that is to say of all the people who under you, directly or indirectly, carry out the activity of an authorized Herbalife distributor. Getting other people to sell Herbalife products can be very profitable, as sales increase exponentially at every step of the downline..

The earnings obtained and the commission system signed up with Herbalife is quite complex, but in essence the methods to earn in the Herbalife world are the following.

Earnings on Indirect Sales Commissionsi)

From 25 to 50 calculated on the basis of discount calculation of the cost of the individual productsti

The difference between your discount percentage and the percentage your downline members buy products with.

Monthly Royalty Check

As a Supervisor you can earn up to 5 on the sales of your Supervisors, in the first three active levels of downline..

Monthly Production Bonus

TAB Team members can earn a Production Bonus from 2 to 7.%.

Bonus Mark Hughes

Bonus reserved for Members from the level of Presidents Team and above who have distinguished themselves for particularly brilliant productivitye

Herbalife Marketing Plan

The Herbalife Marketing Plan is absolutely guaranteed, and it is an essential step of the Herbalife distributor activity to understand which are the steps to reach to obtain the possibility of achieving a higher commission income..

At this linkherbalife-sales-marketing-plan we enclose the complete Herbalife marketing plan guide, so that you can get a clear idea of the earnings that can be achieved through the activity of independent Herbalife distributor..

Where to sell Herbalife products?

The beauty of selling Herbalife products consists in being able to fully dispose of one's entrepreneurship to succeed in the sales objectives.

We started selling Herbalife products in the gym, but we soon realized that doing business online was more congenial to our spirit..

Some organize banquets on the streets, evenings in which Herbalife products are shared at home. Some real services of assistance to psycho-physical well-being, organizing lessons on how to best lead one's life. Still others continue to sell the products door to door.

In short, it totally depends on you. Where do you think Herbalife products can have the greatest visibility and which places can offer the greatest sales opportunities?

You must always be clear in your head that YOU ARE NOT RISKING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, you are not investing your own money that risks not being recovered when you are unable to sell Herbalife products.

How to manage orders?

The sales activity of Herbalife products is now fully automated. Once we have registered you, or you have registered independently, in the Herbalife world, you will have access to an online management platform from which you can manage your orders completely independently..

By purchasing products with a credit card, you can ship Herbalife products sold to your customers anywhere in Italy and around the world..

The online platform is very easy to use. Once you have logged in you will easily become familiar with the powerful tools that it provides.

There are also plenty of tips and information on products and ways to improve your sales activity.

A personal site to sell your products: GoHerbalife

Not only does Herbalife provide you with a complete management software for making shipments, it also offers you an already complete and automated site.

Redirect your Herbalife customers directly to Goherbalife and Herbalife Nutrition will take care of everything from order management to shipping..

Independent Herbalife distributors are also exempt from placing orders, which are automatically taken over by the system. Even sending to the Herbalife Italia s.p.a warehouse for shipping is completely automated..

To thislink What is the GoHerbalife platform to sell Herbalife Online productse find more information on GoHerbalife and some differences with our site on which you are reading this article.


In short, Herbalife is a great earning opportunity to exploit. Do it too!

The first step is to purchase the Herbalife Member Pack. Once this is done, a world of unexpected income will open up for you to make the most of.o.

Buy the Herbalife Member Pack

Otherwise contact us for more information, or continue reading our guide to working with Herbalife.


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