The new flavors of Herbalife Formula 1:Banana Cream and Caffellatte

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I nuovi gusti del Formula 1 Herbalife: Banana Cream e Caffellatte
On this blog we have a special section for the best Herbal recipes to use with our products. On this specific occasion we will talk about the new flavors introduced by Herbalife for the flagship products:Banana Cream and Caffellatte, tasty even without the need for a specific recipe!

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Herbalife Formula 1.

Herbalife Nutrition remains the best protein shake supplier on the market right now. Useful both for those times when you need to reduce the amount of food ingested, and to make sports training more effective. Being attentive to food, fitness and diet in general can be really fun and I am totally blessed with the incredible results achieved. However, taking into account the balance of all the nutritional elements can really create a certain mental chaos: the stress deriving from all this attention makes it more difficult to maintain the ideal weight and sometimes it helps to find some shortcuts. For me, simplifying the management of the nutritional elements taken by the body by turning to Herbalife Nutrition products is the path followed for many years now. I rely on the products that are the result of their scientific research and delegate the definition of the elements my body needs most, making just a few slight changes for my specific needs. Furthermore, research also pushes them to increase the availability of flavors that make the intake of their products even more pleasant. They recently released two new flavors for Italy: Banana Cream and Caffellatte which replaces the Cappuccino flavor..

The new flavor of Formula 1: Banana Cream!

II Formula 1 Banana Cream part of the Formula 1 range and is a vegan product, gluten-free, without artificial colors or flavors. There are 18g of protein in each serving and 25 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D to reduce fatigue. I have been struggling with fatigue recently. The pressure of working full time and running this blog started getting the better of me and no matter how much I sleep, I still wake up tired. Having these vitamin-rich smoothies has helped me tremendously and I feel more awake all day after taking one serving in the morning. The new flavor is also good and certainly one of the favorite Formula 1 flavors I've tried and I've tried them all !. The banana flavor is mild, so not too strenuous to handle, but it's really creamy. It blends well without any strange or dusty aftertaste. I like to add some fruit to give it extra body. I actually like to add a banana to make the banana flavor more intense and to thicken it. In fact, with a frozen banana, it almost looks like banana ice cream in appearance much more caloric than it actually is. To me a healthy dose of protein and and a Formula 1 meal replacement at lunch or dinner as they mean you are on the right track to achieving your weight maintenance goals, especially if you are a banana fan like me.e me.

Yet another Herbalife formula 1 flavor: Caffellatte

From October 30th a new Herbalife Formula 1 flavor has also arrived: Caffellatte, added to the range of flavors in place of the Cappuccino flavor. I like to use the Caffellatte flavor like this: I call it Caffellatte F1 Pro. You will soon understand why! The ingredients of my special recipe are soy milk and coffee to give an extra density and charge. I add a little protein to help sports and give me the right amount for muscle reconstruction after physical activity. Here's how I prepare it: I add 250 ml of soy milk to the shaker, a half cup of coffee, two nice tablespoons of Herbalife's milk-flavored Formula 1, a little protein from the jar, give a good shake and go! You are immediately ready to enjoy your Herbalife smoothie! I have no doubt that it will become one of your favorite flavors. I call my smoothie Caffellatte Pro, for the more decisive tones and the extra boost that I give by adding the ingredients indicated. A delicious herbal smoothie that you can enjoy in 1, 2, 3! Some product information:to:
  • A healthy meal with up to 20 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • The meal replacement that makes you feel satisfied, full and full of energy
  • Helps build and maintain lean muscle mass
  • 13 grams of healthy protein and fiber help manage weight maintenance properlyso

Go to the product pages, and select the flavor from the curtain:

Herbalife Formula 1.

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