High Intensity Interval Training:The Workout That Makes You Lose Weight

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High Intensity Interval Training: L'Allenamento che Fa Dimagrire
L'High Intensity Interval Training, also called for convenienceHIIT, is nothing more than a derivation of the so-called Interval Training, exercises that alternate high intensity training with periods of rest or low intensity exercises. HIIT has the peculiarity of the duration of the sessions: the training as a whole can take from 4 to 20 minutes and includes these phases:
  • Heating
  • Interval training (about 10 repetitions between high and low intensity)
  • Cooling down (as long as the heating)
In addition to the temporal peculiarity, what distinguishes HIIT from normal Interval Training is given by the peak of maximum intensity to be necessarily reached during the interval session; it is not simply a matter of increasing the heart rate, but it requires maximum effort from the body, trying to involve as many muscle groups as possible. let's think of the sprinter, for example.o).

Because lHIIT makes you lose weighte

This type of training goes to undermine all the certain points that were had regarding physical exercise, and for this reason it is still subject to criticism and perplexity. The fact is, however, that many studies have shown its effectiveness in slimming. The alternation between effort at maximum power and rest or active recovery increases the consumption of calories at rest for the next 24 hours. Basically, the basal metabolism rises, thanks to some biochemical processes within the body. The alternation between aerobic training which consumes fat and anaerobic which affects carbohydrate reserves promotes fat loss and greater insulin control within the body. Lean mass increases, requiring a greater expenditure of calories during exercise.lo sforzo.

The benefits for athletes

In practice, this type of training brings a series of advantages, including: - Shorter exercise time: as already mentioned before, HIIT does not require particularly long sessions, just 20 minutes are enough to obtain the same effects as a classic one-hour workout - Easy to practice: you don't need big things to train like this, just a treadmill or an exercise bike, and some weights. The heart rate monitor is important as it establishes whether the type of training can be effective..

Cases to keep under control

This type of training, although so effective and active, is certainly not suitable for everyone. People with heart problems should stay away from overexertion even if not prolonged over time. Even those who are overweight may find themselves struggling with alternating training, not to mention those who are totally fasting from exercise. So green light to those who are in good health and already have a solid base of training in the gym or for any type of sport. In this case, it is always better to be followed by a personal trainer, at least for the first approaches to the subject..

HIIT and Herbalife

In 2015,Herbalife has set a Guinness World Record for engaging the highest number of people in a high intensity HIIT workout in a day, worldwide.

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