Herbalife:the only company in the world to have a Nobel Prize in its medical-scientific staff

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Herbalife: l’unica azienda al mondo ad avere un premio Nobel nel suo staff medico-scientifico
Herbalife is the only food company in the world that can boast the presence, within its staff, of the medical-scientific support of aun Nobel Prize of Medicine, Louis Ignarro.Louis Ignarro, born in Brooklyn in 1941 of Italian parents, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine together with Robert Furchgott and Ferid Murad in 1998, for having discovered a whole series of implications that can be implemented bymolecule of nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system. It is to his studies that we owe the posthumous inventions of commonly used drugs such as Nebivolol, one of the most widely used beta-blockers on the market. But Louis Ignarro is not just a Nobel laureate: he is an innovator, a researcher hungry for new discoveries. The nitrogen monoxide it is able to involve the cardiovascular and neurological systems and its possible curative effects on tumors and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's, are studied every day.

But why Herbalife?

Because a pillar of world scientific research like Louis Ignarro has chosen Herbalife as a company to collaborate with It is unusual, in fact, that a name of this magnitude is dedicated to the common industry and does not prefer to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies for the creation of drugs and products on prescription. But it is precisely the person-to-person distribution, the foundation on which the la Herbalife philosophy, to have convinced the Nobel Prize to a fruitful and lasting collaboration. Louis Ignarro is perfectly aware of the fact that, precisely through a diffusion system of the culture of well-beingas widespread as that of Herbalife, its discoveries could bring important benefits to the health of an increasingly large slice of the population. Because feeling good does not have to correspond to being cured through the use of drugs, with all the implications due to their side effects, but rather to learning how to nourish yourself and integrate your diet correctly in order to achieve a qualitatively high level of health.

Niteworks: well-being at 360Β°

And therefore a Herbalife thatIgnarrogives the exclusivity of its discovery, allowing the marketing ofi Niteworks, one of the most effective supplements on the market.Niteworks contains:
  • L-Arginine and L-citrulline: two amino acids capable of maximizing the production of nitric oxide and thus promoting better blood circulation
  • Folic acid: protective for the heart
  • Tocopherol and Vitamin C: two very powerful natural antioxidants.
Niteworksit is aimed at everyone, even those who do not have weight problems. It promotes the well-being of the cardiovascular system in cases of overweight and obesity, improves the circulation of sedentary people and maximizes the performance of athletes. What more could you want?

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