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Thermo Complete

Thermo Complete: The energy you need! We are talking about a very particular supplement made in Herbalife laboratories with plant extracts, with specific properties aimed at weight loss and maintai...
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Thermo Complete: The energy you need!

We are talking about a very particular supplement made in Herbalife laboratories with plant extracts, with specific properties aimed at weight loss and maintaining mental concentration.

Its formulation rich in powdered caffeine extracted from cocoa, maté grass and green tea helps to support the psyche in particular periods of life, such as during the preparation of university exams, or during a decidedly challenging work project on a mental level. and thanks to the compounds used in the preparation, Thermo Complete manages to activate the metabolism, stimulating the elimination of fat reserves in the body. A real fat burner that will significantly support your low calorie diet..

The ideal weight will not be long in coming and the satisfaction for a better body will give you, together with the action of caffeine, greater energy and vitality during the day..

No more yawning during class hours or on your desk while staring at the monitor without being able to produce anything good from today with the help of this exceptional supplement you will be able to obtain from your body all the necessary strength, useful for attention and

Its main properties:

    • Helps the body during a low calorie dietto dispose of excess fat, especially when you notice a certainstall in weight loss, typical of long-term diets
    • Donate oneimportant metabolic boost, thanks to the thermogenic effect of green tea, which with its EGCG catechins, disposes of old fat reserves and slows down the formation of new fat reservesse
    • Matè grass is an excellent ally during dietary regimes as it greatly reduces the stimulus of hunger,, suppressing the appetiteo
    • Thanks to the Vitamin C content it is also excellentantioxidant, and fight against free radicals
    • The main components of the formulationsupport the mind during the most tiring days and give a vigor never experienced before

Using the product:

To get the maximum effects from this supplement, it is recommended to take it in moments of psychophysical decline, ie in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. You will enjoy a new boost of vigor completely necessary in those moments, your metabolism will activate and you will feel even less hunger pangs when meals arrive. One tablet twice a day to fill up on energy and to shed the extra pounds!

A pack of Thermo Complete contains 90 tablets, useful to support you for 45 days.

One more tip…

This product is strongly recommended byHerbalife in low-calorie diets, combined with other scientifically advanced formulations of the same parent company, such as theFormula 1 smoothieand Thermojetics herbal drink.

Discover the many Herbalife products for the elimination of fats and for maintaining a healthy weight!

The catechins

There are several present in green teacatechins, or phytochemical compounds, and are distinguished inepicatechin (EC, epigallocatechin (EGC, epicatechin-3 gallate (ECG and, the most powerful, leipogallocatechin-3-gallateo (EGCG, a polyphenolic substance with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects..

Its main properties are the improvement of the cardiovascular system, a decrease in the incidence of tumors, an antiradioactive action for the skin and a support for body weight loss.o.

His actionantineoplasty analyzed in America in the 1980s it takes place in a wide range of reactions. For example, block plasminogen enzymeno (enzyme produced by cancer cells to be able to reproduce and grow in the body. LEGCG also inhibits the development of metastases in the lungs and the formation of cancer cells on the skin, liver, intestines and lungs. In short, it is one of the anti-carcinogenic substances par

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