Herbal tea Thermojetics

Herbal tea Thermojetics

Herbalife Thermojetics Herbalife herbal tea: a draining and energizing herbal tea! Herbal infusion Thermojetics, created in the Herbalife laboratories and approved by the Ministry of Health, it is ...
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Herbalife Thermojetics Herbalife herbal tea: a draining and energizing herbal tea!

Herbal infusion Thermojetics, created in the Herbalife laboratories and approved by the Ministry of Health, it is an effective stimulating tonic, useful in low-calorie diets, in the disposal of excess fat and in cell protection from free radicals thanks to the considerable amount ofantioxidant polyphenols;all while giving you onegeneral feeling of well-being and vitality. To be enjoyed both hot and cold, therefore an excellent ally both during the cold winter days and in the summer heat, it contains only6 calories per serving.

A real panacea for those who live in a continuous and stressful whirlwind between work, home, children, gym, and who usually forget to hydrate themselves satisfactorily, often consuming unhealthy, carbonated and sugary drinks.

Choose your favorite from many flavors, available in packs of 50 grams: Lemon, Raspberry and Peach. If, on the other hand, you love the pure flavor of green tea and officinal herbs, then opt for the al versionNatural, also available in packs of 100 grams.

The properties of Herbalife's draining drink:

    • Energizing and invigorating caffeine extracta)
    • Natural polyphenol antioxidanti)
    • Tonic and stimulating green teae)
    • Anti-inflammatory and emollient mallow extracta)
    • Low calorie and refreshing only 6 caloriese)

How to use the herbal tea::

To make a refreshing and energetic drink, dissolve half a teaspoon about 1.7 grams in 250ml of water, hot or cold to taste. Use the infusion both during meals and as needed, at breakfast, during the day for a moment of pleasure only yours.o.

One pack contains:50 grams of product (100 grams in the case of the Natural flavor in maxi packaging, useful for making about 30 invigorating herbal teas!!

There are important contraindications?

If by contraindications we mean harmful effects on the body,’, Herbalife tea it has none. There are, however, some considerations to make:

    • Because of its caffeine and theine content, it is best to avoidThermojetics during the evening hours.
    • Due to its content of caffeine, theine and extracts of officinal herbs, the use of draining herbal tea is not recommended during pregnancy and in children..

Why green tea the importance of polyphenolsli

Polyphenols are completely natural substances present in plants, and are produced by their secondary metabolism. It is recognized as a powerful positive and beneficial action on human health, often we even talk about Vitamin P.’).

Polyphenols are essentially molecules with several condensed phenolic cycles and based on their structure they can be divided into three distinct categories:

    • Simple phenols present for example in coffeeè)
    • Tannins
    • Flavonoids
A healthy and correct diet should bring a sufficient number of antioxidants within our body, varying the daily quantity and quality of fruit and vegetables, tea, coffee, wine and chocolate, the last three mentioned, obviously, sparingly !. Particularly aggressive or prolonged cooking methods heavily reduce the presence of these very important molecules, so it is better to prefer raw, fresh or steamed foods.e.

The main benefits of polyphenols are:

    • Antioxidant properties, in fact they protect our cells from the action of free radicals, mainly caused by stress, smoke, bacteria, viruses and pollutiono
    • Anti-carcinogenic properties, since they have shown in the test phase a protection against cells attacked in the initial phase by carcinogens, reducing their potency and aggressivenessà
    • Anti-atherogenic properties, in fact the polyphenols reduce the oxidation of lipids, which over time develop diseases such as arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, stroke and so onndo

Thermogenesis: an activity to be stimulatede

We often hear about thermogenesis, but what it is in summary La thermogenesisit is a component of the metabolism of every individual and varies from person to person based on genetic and habitat factors. It is essentially the energy consumed to digest the foods introduced throughout the day. Body weight is a simple equation between the calories consumed and those disposed of by the basal metabolism, by the activity of thermogenesis and by any physical exercise. By stimulating and increasing the metabolic process of thermogenesis it is possible to achieve satisfactory weight control.peso.

Our herbal drink it is a thermogenic, that is, it accelerates the body's natural mechanism for the disposal of lipids and toxins, and therefore helps those people who have difficulty in disposing of excess kilograms.

Remember that:

This product is featured on theHandbook of Food Supplements published by the Ministry of Health; it is safe and completely natural.

Find out even more…

If you want to know more about the properties and the intake of the herbal tea, readi the deepening on this herbal teaa; if you are following a low calorie diet and want to understand in detail the effects thatthis herbal tea can have on weight loss, then read the article about the thermogenesis!

Are you sure you are drinking enough during the day? The importance ofla proper hydration it is essential for the regular functioning of all internal organs, and should be kept an eye on not only during the summer heat, but also during the other milder or colder seasons..

Find out if you are attentive todaily ration of liquids readingthe articleo

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