Formula 1 Free

Formula 1 Free

Formula 1 Free: The benefits of Formula 1 without gluten, lactose and soy! For vegetarians, vegans and intolerants comes the perfect meal to keep extra pounds at bay. Herbalife proposes for its cus...
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Formula 1 Free: The benefits of Formula 1 without gluten, lactose and soy!

For vegetarians, vegans and intolerants comes the perfect meal to keep extra pounds at bay. Herbalife proposes for its customersFormula 1 Free, a meal replacement protein shake without any animal derivatives.

So for those who thought they could not use the legendary Herbalife shake, now they can sleep peacefully.

The vegan diet uses only plant products, and therefore excludes, in addition to meat and fish, also milk, honey and eggs.

This tasty drink should be consumed as a substitute for one of the three main meals, namely breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it does not contain gluten, lactose or soy.

Therefore also studied for intolerant subjects, it adapts perfectly to the palates within a variegated low-calorie diet..

A smoothie rich invitamins, minerals and proteins, which will bring numerous benefits to daily life, keeping the body healthy with a light and lean meal that will accompany you throughout the day giving you energy and a sense of satiety for many hours.

Features of Formula 1 Free:

    • It is a protein shake rich in essential nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E

    • Healthy and gluten free, it does not contain lactose or soyia

    • Support your low-calorie diet while ensuring the right amount of minerals and vitamins, in just 228 kcal per serving
    • With lots of proteins, it supports athletes in the increase of lean mass and stimulates the basal metabolisme
    • Powerful antioxidant, with vegetable proteins, blueberry and pomegranate extract
    • Convenient and easy to prepare: take it with you to the office, to class or wherever you want for an easy and light meal

Using the product:

For celiacs: two tablespoons of 26 grams powder with 250 ml of semi-skimmed milko
For those who are also lactose intolerant but not soy: two tablespoons of powder 26 grams with 250 ml of soy milk..
For those who want a gluten-free, lactose-free and soy-free smoothie, just replace cow's milk or soy milk with water.
Each package contains useful product to create about 22 smoothies.
Replace two main meals with Formula 1 Free for weight loss, one just to maintain a healthy weight. The vanilla aroma goes perfectlye

What is celiac diseasea

It is an important chronic inflammation of the small intestine, which develops following the absorption of gluten, in genetically predisposed subjects.e.

A celiac variant is also theHerpetiform dermatitis, which manifests itself through very particular skin lesions that can regress and cancel themselves only following the total elimination of gluten from the diet..

Thegluten it is an alcohol-soluble protein part present in cereals such as common wheat, rye, oats, kamut, malt, seitan, spelled and barley.o.

Celiac disease manifests itself in many variations; it can appear in the form of diarrhea or unjustified weight loss, from continuous headaches to vomiting. If left untreated it can also cause fatal ailments, such asintestinal lymphoma.

Celiac disease lasts for life, and the only way to keep symptoms at bay is to avoid gluten ingestion not contact with the skin.le).

The diagnosis is decidedly targeted and safe; can be done throughduodenoscopy or through blood tests.

This autoimmune disorder is also referred to as celiac sprue, immune-mediated enteropathy, or celiac disease. The organ involved is the intestine, and it is the only one that is unable to assimilate gluten, as it considers it

Small curiosity: gluten is not contained in itself in the grain of the cereal, but in its subsequent mixture with a liquid generally water..

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