Express Protein Bars - Formula 1

Express Protein Bars - Formula 1

A complete and practical meal replacement with only 207 calories! Protein, fiber and all the essential nutrients you need, in two delicious flavors:cocoa and red fruits
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To ensure the health and quality of the products from 1 July 2020 until 20 August, shipments of bars in a single package are blocked. It will be possible to purchase only the temperature-controlled kit of 12 packs, or 84 bars.We remind you that you can keep them for up to 2 years. Shipping is always free for the customer. Herbalife keeps the price the same both door-to-door and online. 

For Herbalife it is essential to ship a product that does not lose its quality, for this reason in the period from 1 July as of August 20, it ships the bars only by truck refrigerated, which allows the product to keep its properties intact. Having this shipment a higher cost and wanting to always keep the free shipping, in this period it allows the purchase of only 12 packs.

From August 21, approximately, it will be possible to return to purchase the bars in single pack as always.

Formula 1 Bars: The balanced meal!

Herbalife knows how difficult it is to find a healthy and nutritious meal and, at the same time, practical to use. For this he developed the line ofFormula 1 meal replacements. The Formula 1 Bars are ahealthy meal always at hand.
Balanced supply of nutrients for a healthy meal replacement. High in fiber and soy protein for a intense energy and a prolonged sense of satiety inonly 207 calories. Suitable for vegetarians.

Available intwo flavors: cocoa and yogurt red fruits. Also available in jar or sachets

For weight control:

Replace one of the three main meals with a Formula 1 Bar and have two more nutritionally balanced meals.

For weight loss:

Replace two of the three main meals with a Herbalife Meal Replacement, smoothie, or bar and have a nutritionally balanced meal.

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7 bars of 56g each

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12x Cocoa, 12x Yogurt and Red Fruits, 12x Mixed Flavors 66, Cocoa conf. of 7, Yogurt and Red Fruits conf. from 7da 7)

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