Formula 3

Formula 3

Formula 3: Keep your muscles! To increase the daily intake of proteins in our body, useful for forming muscle mass and for the cardiovascular system and intracellular exchange to function properly,...
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Formula 3: Keep your muscles!

To increase the daily intake of proteins in our body, useful for forming muscle mass and for the cardiovascular system and intracellular exchange to function properly,, Formula 3 Herbalife is a supplement to combine with Formula 1 meal replacement, or to use in any drink or meal.
The amount of protein to be introduced daily varies between individuals as it depends on age, gender, build and average exercise, as well as the type of training..
A spoonful ofHerbalife proteins provides 5 grams of proteins from soy. Excellent if consumed, together with the Herbalife Smoothie, for breakfast, in a dietary regime can also replace one of the two main meals.
Free of fat and carbohydrates, this supplement can help you build lean body mass while increasing your basal metabolic rate without adding unnecessary calories and lipids to your body. 

The properties of the Herbalife protein supplement::

    • Composed of all the essential amino acids of soy and milk
    • Low in calories at only 26 per tablespoon, and low in carbohydrates or lipidsdi
    • Easily added to Formula 1 meal replacement
    • High satiating power
    • Gives energy and vitality throughout the day

How to use it:

Add two tablespoons maximum 6 tablespoons a day to any drink, hot or cold, it could be tea or milk, or a soup but also the sauce for pasta. But to get the most out of this protein compound, pair it at least once a day with the Herbalife shake, this will help you control your body weight or even reduce it..
Each spoon offers you a dose of 5 grams of protein, useful for your lean mass and to bring oxygen to all the cells of the body..
An invigorating, energizing, metabolism accelerator and very, very light supplement!

One pack contains enough quantity for 20 240 grams of beers..

A look at any contraindications

Herbalife is a multinational company that has been operating for over 30 years and that aims at continuous improvement of its products while maintaining very high quality levels. With a staff of doctors, scientists and Nobel laureates, this company leverages the best raw materials to provide customers with the ultimate in formulations, with virtually no side effects. Here is an article where the question is dealt with in depth.
In evidence:This product is present on the Food Supplements Handbook published by the Ministry of Health.
Small suggestion: it is better to distribute the protein load throughout the day, so as not to burden the body with an excessive intake of proteins..
In any case, and for any doubt, you can consult your doctor.

Let's talk about proteins…

Together with carbohydrates and lipids, they are part of the substances necessary for the human body to grow and regenerate. In fact, they are defined as MACRONUTRIENTS, since without them we would cease to exist.
The molecules that compose them are called amino acids, not all of which can be manufactured by the human body 8 out of 20 are defined “essential”).
Proteins form the building blocks of the body, support the cardiovascular and hormonal systems, regulate the internal temperature and interact with the exchange of information between cells. They also keep appetite at bay and increase lean mass.ra.
However, it should not be abused, since excessive consumption could overload the kidneys and their filtering system. The daily requirement is, on average, of1 gram of protein for every kilogram of weight (an adult of 80 kilograms will consume 80 grams of protein. 

A few more curiosities…

If you want more information about the staff who make the formulations and, in general, all the company's products, read also this article to thoroughly understand the research and science ofHerbalife.

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