Attention: The Skin Activator line is now discontinued and the products are no longer available. The new SKIN line , formulated by a top-level scientific team, guarantees visible results in just 7 days! Find out now!!

Why Skin Activator?

The wrinkles they are the manifestation of a process that begins around the age of 30, when the skin gradually reduces its ability to retain water and loses elasticity , giving rise to the appearance of the first signs of aging. A natural and physiological process which certainly cannot be expected to stop, although much can be done to try to slow it down: in the first place try to lead a healthy life and, in parallel, relying on the targeted action of products that are able to protect the skin from UV rays, atmospheric and external aggressions, nourish it, tone it and always ensure the right level of hydration.

There Skin Activator technology takes a gentle approach to skin renewal. The active ingredients contained in the product assist the skin rejuvenation , promoting natural collagen production from inside the cell.

Did you know that?

The collagen it is one of the main "building blocks" that make up the skin and is important for keeping the skin smoother and more compact.
From the age of 25, the natural content of collagen in the body decreases by about 1.5% every year: the skin loses elasticity and begins to show wrinkles and other signs of aging .

Who is the Skin Activator line aimed at?

The Skin Activator line offers a targeted action for:

  • The first signs of aging from the age of 25
  • Wrinkles already present from the age of 40
  • Women and men, ideal for all skin types.

Amazing results!

With regular use of the Skin Activator line it is possible to achieve visible results!

  • 57% improvement in the condition of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 55% reduction in the depth of wrinkles
  • 51% improvement in skin hydration level
  • 45% increase in skin radiance
  • 40% increase in skin softness and elasticity
  • 23% increase in skin firmness

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