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As an Independent Herbalife Distributor, I am actively involved in diffusion of the culture of well-being. Nutrition and physical activity are fields of our existence to be treated with great attention and constancy throughout life. In short, children, adults, the elderly, men and women, everyone could live better and achieve their goals of psycho-physical well-being by following a few simple tips.

He Blog

Our Blog was born from the need to provide all those who are interested with useful advice on how lose weight without going hungry and in an acceptable time frame, nutritional science pills for one healthy eating, for athletes who want to make their training more efficient and rapidly increase lean body mass, simple habits to adhere to avoid unnecessary harm and much more!

Obviously there will be profits Herbalife product recommendations, on the universe of the Herbalife company and guides for effective use of Herbalife products.


How To Lose Weight

Winter Weight Gain: Why It Happens And How To Manage It
How to lose weight quickly, naturally and scientifically
Lose weight in summer: it's never too late!
Lose weight quickly: the Herbalife products we recommend
Why am I not losing weight? 8 mistakes to avoid
The best diets to lose weight
Do meal replacement shakes really work for weight loss?
Is skipping meals bad for you?
Herbalife protein: lose fat and gain muscle mass
What is a Keto Diet?
The reasons why you don't lose weight: 6 important principles to fix it
Does Herbalife Work?
Lose weight in Menopause
Mistakes to Avoid with Libra
Avoid Water Weight
Skipping meals does not make you lose weight
Stress free weight loss tips
How to keep your appetite at bay
Losing belly after pregnancy
The gluten free diet and Herbalife
Vegan diet for weight loss: balanced and healthy?
Heat and Heat: Enemies of the Line
Thermo Complete and Thermo Yellow: two products compared
The importance of balanced snacks in the weight loss process
10 Tricks to Lose Weight
How to survive the Christmas binges?

Herbalife Diet Guide

Herbalife breakfast against hunger attacks
What is Formula 1 and how is it prepared?
Herbalife Thermo Complete
Diet aid: Thermo Yellow
Meet Herbalife
Vitamine Herbalife
Barrette Herbalife
Formula 1 Herbalife smoothie
Food allergy? Formula 1 Free Herbalife
Visceral or Abdominal Fat
Food Supplements: Why Do We Need Them?
The Herbalife Diet
High protein diets vs balanced diets
Herbalife herbal tea
Herbalife Fiber
Le Proteine Herbalife
Lycopene and Herbalife Tomato Soup
Magnesium: Properties and Benefits
Omega 3
Prelox Blue: a Charge of Antioxidants!
Cardiovascular Wellness: Niteworks Herbalife
Herbalife Mineral Salts
Selenium: Fountain of Youth
Diet snacks
Thermo Yellow What is it for and when to use it?
Group B vitamins: between food and dietary supplementation
Herbalife Wellness Coaches
How to Slim Thighs and Legs Quickly
Avoid Weight Stall in Diet
New format F1 Vanilla 30 portions
Herbalifeline Max
Why am I not losing weight? The 7 rules to start losing weight
Herbalife products
Dietary supplementation is important. Let's find out why
Why is the value of Herbalife products so much greater than their cost to sell?
Garcinia Cambogia: the Benefits
Herbalife Guarana
Herbalife diet: products for every need
Herbalife diet: how to start

Advice for a correct diet

8 tips for setting up a basic diet and making healthier choices at the table
Sugars, enemies of diet and health?
Let's learn the good habit of a balanced breakfast with Herbalife
Herbalife protein bars and the top 7 benefits of protein
Herbalife Formula 2 and the benefits of fruit and vegetables
Protein Drink Mix, Formula 3, Pro 20 Select. All Herbalife proteins
Herbalife Formula 2: why take this product?
Formula 1: Can meal replacement shakes help you lose weight?
Hydration: why is it so important?
3 tips to get back in shape after the Christmas holidays
Nutrition is essential to fitness and everyday life
Herbalife and the world of herbal teas: Thermojetics
White meat or red meat?
Herbalife football
10 Foods for an Energy Boost!
Winter: the right diet to face it
The basics of a correct and low-calorie diet
Aloe Herbalife
The Chronodiet: Different Foods for Every Moment of the Day
The Benefits of Dried Fruit
The pomegranate: properties and benefits
Blueberry: Properties and Benefits
The Healthiest Cooking Methods
The importance of water in the diet
The Alkaline Diet Hoax
Slow Metabolism: Causes and Remedies
The Best Foods for Bones
Feeding the Brain
Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids
Vegetables and Nutrition
Seasonal fruit and vegetables in summer
Proteins: how many and which ones to choose?
What to eat in summer when the temperature rises
The importance of calcium in the daily diet
Remove Retention for a Flatter Abdomen
Magnesium and Potassium: never without!
Let's find out about cholesterol: definition and remedies
Energy Foods for Life Force
Importance of Proteins in the Body
Enhance Performance with Caffeine
How to Avoid Empty Calories
5 Reasons to start the day with a balanced breakfast
Because it is vital to drink enough
Fruits and vegetables in spring
Is protein only for building muscle?
Good resolutions: here's how to make them last all year round!
The precious Herbalife Proteins
Eating well without giving up? Here are 7 tips!
Herbalife diet and carbohydrates
Proteins: a food to be integrated into a healthy and balanced diet. Maximum attention for sportsmen
Importance of fibers in modern nutrition
The importance of natural supplements in today's diet

Sport e Fitness

A Guide To Building Muscle Mass With Herbalife
Herbalife alle Olympics in Tokyo 2020
Cristiano Ronaldo and Herbalife, the nourishment of his success
4 diet changes to gain muscle mass
Herbalife e lo sport
Targeted nutrition for athletes - what to eat before physical effort
How to Increase Lean Mass
Six pack abs with Herbalife
Aerobic and Anaerobic Activity
Fight stress with Herbalife H24 Restore!
CR7 Drive and Acai Berries
Energy Drink Herbalife
Avoid Dehydration: Isotonic Drinks
H24: Herbalife e lo Sport
H3O Pro: Hydration for Sportsmen
High Intensity Interval Training: The Workout That Makes You Lose Weight
Physical Activity and Hydration
Build muscle mass with exercise, diet, and supplements
Sport to be Better
A Walk Extends Life
Hydration and Physical Exercise
The H24 line not only for agonists
Rebuilt Strength
Herbalife products for the gym


Cellulite: how can you fight it?
Herbalife SKIN: the line for your Skin Care routine
Herbalife Skin Care: skin care passes through Herbalife
6 Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair, Skin And Weight Loss
Cellulite: what it is and how to fight it!
Stretch marks and foods that reduce them
How to Deflate and Slim Your Legs
Fighting the signs of aging with nutrition
Healthier and stronger hair? Here are the secrets
Fight wrinkles with Herbalife
Herbalife cosmetics
Personal Hygiene with Herbalife
Water Retention: Fight it and Prevent it
How to take care of the skin for a beautiful face
Expression Lines and 'Anta' Lines
How to take care of and improve the eye area
Legs that look like Boulders
The Importance of Good Rest
Regenerate a lackluster skin
Increase the immune system in the cold season
Career and stress
"How to build our "blue years" well
Beta Heart: a Healthy Heart
Herbalife Niteworks: your Cardiovascular Wellness
Benefits of a walk in the open air? Here are 10!
Immune response: swimming, running and stationary bikes are the sports that help you improve it!
Herbalife cosmetics: not just products, but cellular nutrition

Health and wellness

Herbalife Niteworks: A help for your heart
Microbiotic Max and Immune Booster, a front page hit!
Aloe Herbalife, how high quality products are made
The 4 vitamins that are good for the immune system
Summer Tips: What to Eat and What to Avoid
The well-being of the immune system
Keep your immune defenses up
Face the winter: foods and lactic ferments
Good rest begins at the table, insomnia step aside!
Don't be perpetually tired, energy starts from the table!
Alzheimer's: a disease to be fought even at the table
Heart Health with Nitric Oxide
Beta-Glucan to Reduce Cholesterol Levels
How to Keep Your Immune Defenses High
Importance of Omega three
High blood cholesterol
Fighting diabetes starting from the table
How to wake up our body after the long winter hibernation
Aloe Max: Hydrate and feel better
"Winter has arrived with its""seasonal diseases"
Life-saving drugs? Here's how and when you can do without it!
Healing power of Aloe Vera: the lymph that is good for health!
Take care of your heart

The Herbalife Universe

Herbalife and the sustainability of its operations
Herbalife: positive and negative reviews. Between opinions and facts
The online competitiveness of Herbalife sites
Herbalife Products: From The Birth Of The American Company To Today's Global Success
Become a Herbalife distributor and finally work happy
By purchasing Herbalife you are planting a tree and helping the environment
Herbalife Controversies and Opponents
Herbalife Vegan Products With Vegetable Proteins
Da Herbalife A Herbalife Nutrition
How has the sale of Herbalife products changed in the world and in Italy
Where to buy Herbalife? All Herbalife products online
How to use them and what are the fundamental Herbalife products.
Discounts Herbalife Products From 25% To 50%!
Contraindications Herbalife
Where to buy Herbalife
Herbalife Earnings
Is Herbalife a Pyramid?
Herbalife nel Guinness World Record
Herbalife a Expo 2015
Herbalife Family Foundation
Herbalife products
Herbalife: Success Story
Why Herbalife Deserves Trust
Pricing Herbalife Products
Are Herbalife products safe?
The Herbalife Company
The science of Herbalife
Join Herbalife, a Meritocratic and Rewarding Company
Work with us – Become a Herbalife Distributor
The Medical-Scientific Staff of Herbalife
Why Herbalife, Why Now
Herbalife and CONI: Winning Partnership
Because Herbalife is a Great Opportunity for Young People
Ambassadors Project
Shop Herbalife – quality assurance
Herbalife online store
Let's get to know our Herbalife store better
The birth of Herbalife products
Herbalife: the only company in the world to have a Nobel Prize in its medical-scientific staff
How to build a commercial network by distributing balanced breakfasts?
My personal experience as an independent Herbalife distributor
The Herbalife Diet - how it works, opinions and opinions
How the Herbalife Diet works

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