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If you wish, you can also purchase our products on the official Herbalife Italy website. As an official Herbalife reseller, in addition to this website, we also have a store hosted directly on the official Herbalife Italia one. Buying there is very simple - you just have to visit ours Herbalife page, registering registration is very fast, however it is required by Herbalife Italia and you will be immediately ready to buy! The products are shipped directly from Herbalife Italia warehouses.a.




Here's how to buy products from our store on Herbalife Italy:

1. Log in to ourso Herbalife Italy store;

2. Register by clicking on the button Register to the site in the bar at the top right, see image;ine);

3. Enter the data required for registration on the page that appears (see image).e).


You are ready to buy Herbalife products also from our official store on Herbalife Italy!



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