Formula 1 Express bars (New Formula)

Formula 1 Express bars (New Formula)

Un sostituto di pasto completo e pratico da usare con sole 207 calorie! Proteine, fibre e tutti i nutrienti essenziali di cui hai bisogno, in due gusti deliziosi: cacao e frutti rossi
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Here are the brand new Dark Chocolate flavored Formula 1 Express meal replacement bars . This nutritionally balanced meal is high in protein and fiber and contains 25 vitamins and minerals .

Herbalife Classic Protein Bars have been updated to help you reach your goals, wherever you are. The new Formula 1 Express Bars are suitable for vegetarians and perfect for anyone following a low- calorie diet (containing only 207 kcal ). They are free from artificial colors and sweeteners.

The new formula offers an improved flavor and texture .
Enjoy a delicious combination of crunchy balls and chocolate chips covered in a delicious layer of chocolate.

Available in boxes of 7 individually wrapped bars , they're perfect for on the go wherever you are.


Main properties and benefits:

  • Contains 25 vitamins and minerals
  • High in protein : 13g of protein in every single bar
  • High in fiber : 7 g per bar
  • Contains Promitor® fiber


How to use:

Consume Formula 1 Express bars as a balanced meal replacement or as a snack wherever you are. Integrate this product into a balanced and varied diet, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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