Does Herbalife Hurt?

Anypassion taken to the extreme it can be harmful and unhealthy. A passion is healthy when it can be inserted into a life contextbalanced among the various activities to be carried out.Family, love, friendships and work.

A passion should never take up the whole day, but a fraction of the day, week or month.

Let's take an example, the passion formotorcycle.Having this passion means that on Saturdays you go out and have a nice ride on your bike, after maybe a stressful week at work. You can walk the usual roads, change them and discover new ones. You can do it in company or alone.

Passion is limited, so it is clearly not possible to ride a motorcycle 7 days a week all day. In this way the passion would becomecounterproductive, because it would not allow you to do the other necessary activities, not only for you but also for those around you.

Another example could be the passion forgamble, so far nothing wrong. Maybe you get organized with a group of friends and go 4-5 times a year, always at the same casino or changing.

If, on the other hand, one had to spend all afternoons and evenings at the casino, there the passion would become unhealthy, that is, it would turn into an obsession.

This reasoning can also be applied to onediet. The latter must be pursued wisely. You can have a passion for the body, the will to keep fit, to eat well, not to overdo it and not to drink. Go for a run, swim or just go to the gym often.

Even in this case, however, if this becomes an obsession, for example feeling the need to weigh yourself 5-6 times a day, being afraid to go to restaurants because you don't know if you are eating harmful things or eating only organic things. and of which you are sure.

One of the symptoms of anorexia is precisely this harmful relationship with the balance, continuing to weigh oneself. Even we read another weight, maybe it weighs 50kg but it reads 70-80kg. The scale indicates 40kg and reads 60kg, this unfortunately is a symptomof anorexia.

Herbalife products aregood, they are of quality and they don't hurt.Read and follow the instructions on the jar, which are written in Italian, as all Herbalife products sold in Italy by authorized distributors are produced in Italy and have the native Italian label. The label contains all the ingredients that are contained in the product. Depending on the country, companies are required or not to write down the ingredients present in the product. In some countries, such as the United States, companies are required to write all of them. While in Italy, for some ingredients that are below a certain amount, companies are not required to write them down. Herbalife for business ethics, also inItaly, Has decided to report all the ingredients included in the product label. The label also contains instructions on how to use the product, recommended doses and other advice.

For theFormula 1, for example, it is recommended to consume a measuring cup and mix it with milk, soy milk or simply just water.

If, on the other hand, after taking thequantity recommended, put yourself in front of the TV, it can happen because the product is good and inviting, and you would start eating large quantities of Formula 1 powder, without realizing how much you are eating. This can cause a problem in the person and there may be aindigestion and you can end up in the ER. In that case the person could say they ended up in the hospital after taking Herbalife products, however it is easy to understand, that in this case the amount caused that side effect. Surely you have to be careful of the quantity, as for the example of the passions we did above.

By assuming the correct amount the risk isZERO. So to the big question: Herbalife is bad Herbalife products are bad Herbalife has contraindications Herbalife has problems or causes problems The answer is absolutelynte NO. Simply follow the directions on the label, as you do for any food or pharmaceutical product.


TheFormula 1 it is sold to millions around the world, consumed daily by millions of people and sold since 1980 without causing any harm to the individuals who take it. On the contrary, it brings benefits in weight loss and weight control.

If it were to really hurt, given the high consumption worldwide, the rumor would go around quickly through social networks or any means of communication because they expect nothing more than such a scandal. Nobody would buy the product anymore.

The product is researched by doctors, PhDs and Nobel laureates.

TheHerbalife Scientific Committee is composed by:

  • Louis Ignarro,Nobel Prize for discovering what a molecule allowed to do in the cardiovascular system.
  • Gary Small,cellular aging expert and member of the Nutrition Final Committee.
  • Maurizio Casasco, vice president of Efsma. In the past he was also president of the Italian Sports Medical Federation..

Prof. Steve Henig Ph.D.,Prof. David Heber Ph.D.,Prof. Luigi Gratton M.P.H.,Dr. John Heiss and many others.
You can find more information atThis Page.

For who is itpassionate of good things, tasty things and great tasting things could be led to eat the whole jar or half in a day. The jar is designed to last one month, integrated into a healthy diet and other Herbalife products.

Let's think of herbal tea, which is Herbalife's second most important and oldest product. This product is very important and fundamental, all natural. It allows it to drain and has the same power as those Japanese teas, which are so fashionable. With Herbalife herbal tea, half is enoughteaspoon from coffee and it lasts a long time, even months. It can be taken twice a day.



Obviously if a person, because he wants to lose weight quickly, weight that maybe he has accumulated over time: 5, 10, 20, 30 years, he wants to lose them in 2 or 3 months. At that point instead of just putting in half a teaspoon, to speed up the weight loss process, put in a soup spoon or 3 coffee spoons, clearly not good. The herbal teaHerbalife it's a lotconcentrated and you have to use thequantity correct.

Contains thetheine which is very similar to thecaffeine, increases the basal metabolic rate and heart rate. The advice is always the same, you must follow the instructions and the recommended quantities in the Herbalife jar.

In the food sector, as in the medical field and unfortunately the do-it-yourself diets9 out of 10 it is harmful.

There are also intolerances. Herbalife products are made with natural components, minerals, proteins. The latter are increasingly noble, from 1980 to a few years ago they were of animal origin. In the last few years, the company has invested heavily and has changed this formula by switching from animal proteins toproteins, completely,vegetables.

ProductsHerbalife they obviously contain components and ingredients. Each of us could be intolerant to some ingredient. How can you be intolerant to natural and organic products. There are new intolerances, which were not known before. There is intolerance to soy and for this type of people Herbalife has thought of a Formula 1 without soy, gluten and even lactose. In this way, Herbalife gives any consumer the opportunity to buy the right product for their food needs.

On the back of the products, it is locatedthe label, as we said before, which shows all the ingredients present in that product. For this reason, the final consumer is assured of onemaximum transparency and the possibility of verifying that among the ingredients there is not what it isintolerant.

Herbalife therefore protects the customer. It protects it thanks to a site, which is easy to find by looking for: Herbalife product labels, in which there are all the product labels that can be downloaded directly from your PC or Smartphone.

You want to check the labels Click hereΒ to find out more.

This way you will be able to see the label of the product you want to buy and, if you wish, you can print it and bring it to yoursdoctor caring and ask whether or not the product might be good for your diet.

Herbalife, precisely because not everyone wants to read the label before buying a product, it offers a guaranteeMoney Back Guarantee, precisely because in this way no one can complain to the company about the product, which allows you to return the product in 30 days, even when the jar is completely empty.

This is because perhaps some customers, after using the product for a few weeks, realize that the stomach ache they had constantly was due to an ingredient in the Herbalife product, to which they were intolerant. In that caseHerbalifeis keen to reimburse the customer to apologize for what happened.

The return is completelyfree and also theexpenses ofshipment of the courier, to collect the product, are chargedof the company Herbalife. The refund will be of100% of the price paid. This up to30 days from the purchase of the product.

All the jars and all the products, precisely because they are not sold directly by the company but by authorized distributors, who are controlled and selected, are completelysealed, so that if it had been opened, altered or replaced in part, the consumer could immediately realize it. This is because the caps are hermetically sealed and if anyone were to breach this seal, it would be easily visible.

If you want to learn more about the Herbalife Italia website, visitThis Page.

You can find on the net some posts on Social Networks of people who have found themselves wrong with Herbalife. As we have seen in this article, most likely being the producttested and used by millions of people, these posts are written by people who have made reckless use of the product and therefore obviously found themselves wrong and had problems.

We are available 365 days a year, including holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Mid-August and Easter. We are always open with ours2Toll-free numbers, to which you can callevery day from 10 to 20.
Toll-free numbers:800 662 448 - 800 529 710
Or you cancontact us to our and we will always be available to clarify any doubts regarding any product or any other information regarding Herbalife.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you, we are not doctors and therefore, if necessary, it will be possible to contact Herbalife Italy directly, in which there is a person who can clarify more specific doubts that require more skills. Otherwise, we refer directly to your doctor or specialist. We do not want to provide generic or random answers and when we realize that the question is too specific we always refer to an expert.

We are the mostlarge Herbalife online distributor.For many years, since 2011, we have been chosen byGoogle and we are the first result, after the 4 paid ads. Google put us first precisely because the customer has a very simple and intuitive shopping experience and we have so manyfeedback positive from our consumers.

Therefore we are notincentivized to sell a product at any cost, so if we realize that the customer does not need a product, as it would be right to do, we do not offer that product and we tend to recommend the ideal products for every customer who contacts us. This is because sellinghundreds ofproducts per day, we are not interested in selling products that could somehow ruin the consumer experience. We care that our customers aresatisfied and that thefeedback of the customer eitherpositive and come back to buy from us. We do not want, at all costs, to sell many products to a few customers but, instead, we prefer it to be the customer incomplete autonomy, and can do it all year round at any time, admake the orders you want or acontact us for any doubt.

We do not sendnone advertising and our payments are immediate. The customer can place his order completely independently, at any time of day or night, without having to be contacted to confirm the order.

There are sites that, after having made the customer place the order, locontact us again with the excuse of asking for some more details and trying to sell other products to the customer. With us this has never happened and never will happen. We want the customer to buy what they wantwant and if he wants advice, he will contact us for information on what to buy and various doubts.


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