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Did you know that… there beauty and the health of your leather they depend 60% from what you eat and drink and only 40% from the products you use?La Herbalife line for your face and your body is PURE EXTERNAL NUTRITION created with the same technology used for the production of nutritional products, not just cosmetics, but CELL NUTRITION !

Your healthy and active lifestyle it will affect not only your internal well-being, but also your external appearance.

There skin tone and texture say a lot about us: our age, the type of life we ​​lead, how we feed ourselves, so it's important to take care of both the outside and the inside to have healthy and youthful looking skin at all ages .

SKIN line

The future of skin care , clinically proven product line for results in just seven days !

Herbal Aloe line

For the care of your hair and skin.

What is Leather?

It is the largest organ of our body, composed of two main layers:

  • The epidermis , i.e. the outermost and most resistant layer, a real protective sheath!
  • The dermis , which is the underlying layer, thicker than the epidermis, which determines the tone and elasticity of our skin

The main function of the epidermis is to defend and protect us from external aggressions, such as atmospheric factors, pollution and sunlight.

It is therefore indispensable for both women and men nourish and protect the skin with appropriate products.

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