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You have surely heard of Herbalife, its distribution network and, broadly speaking, its products on the market in your lifetime. Few, however, are aware of the great company behind this name, which has been known all over the world for decades.

Herbalife's birth and growth

To talk about the first timid approaches of theHerbalife products we have to take a leap into the past, in the early 1980s; we are in America, in Los Angeles, where a young man full of hope and embittered by the loss of his mother due to a green dose of diet drugs, decided to produce and distribute among relatives, friends and acquaintances the first formulations aimed at weight loss, transforming his garage into a real rudimentary laboratory. His name was Mark Hughes, and he went around the States with his products in the trunk of the car; He soon realized, however, that he needed support. Thus the first Herbalife distributors were born.e.

The success of Mark Hughes

It is difficult to summarize in a few words the reasons for such a brilliant and far-sighted entrepreneurial idea as that of the founder of Herbalife who knew him, in his unfortunately short life, speaks of Mark as a man driven by a strong passion and an extreme desire to help people, to offer well-being and a better lifestyle. He knew what his brand's priorities were and what the real urgencies were, and he was able to teach his entire downline the perfect method to be successful with wellness and weight loss formulations. The constant commitment combined with targeted and always achieved and reachable objectives have contributed to Hughes' positive attitude to broaden the company's range and to amplify the resonance of such innovative and safe products.sicuri.

How Herbalife products are born

Obviously, such a global success can only be supported by highly effective formulations, which arise from detailed studies in state-of-the-art laboratories funded by the company, and scattered around the world just one example: at the UCLA Human Nutrition Center, University California Los Angeles and at the University of ULM Numerous scientists, nutritionists, chemists, scholars work incessantly in these specialized centers, as well as a well-known Nobel Prize in medicine, Dr. Louis Ignarro, an illustrious scientist who has been collaborating with the company for years by creating formulations of the highest quality. Production takes place in two main factories, one in Los Angeles and one in China. To support these two main production sites, however, there are many others, scattered around the world that act as branch offices and deal with the procurement and renewal of stocks. scorte.

From the seed to the final consumer

Herbalife takes care of and is at the forefront in the careful selection of raw materials, which must follow very scrupulous standards, and guarantees extreme purity but also perfect traceability. In fact, there is a program signed by Herbalife called Seed to Feed, or from seed to food, which has as its main objective the total control of the entire cycle of realization of the formulations, starting from the purchase of immense plots of virgin land in which the selected seeds are planted. and subjecting the product to various quality tests, in order to keep the label under control from the crop to the distribution to the final customer. There are 5 basic steps that every Herbalife product must undergo, namely:vero:
  1. Analysis and identification of raw materials
  2. Control of the uniformity of the mixturese
  3. Control of the dimensions and components of all tablets
  4. Microbiological analysis of the finished product, even after its packaging and after transport to the distributors
  5. Sample inspection for continuous quality improvement

Herbalife in the world, numbers and resources

The company's headquarters are located in California, Los Angeles, but Herbalife can boast partnerships with more than 90 countries and a turnover of more than 8 billion dollars. The network of distributors is almost infinite and every year many collaborators can earn staggering numbers by selling i Herbalife products. Independent sellers are currently about 2.7 million worldwide and operate according to the law and are protected by them, distributors and the Herbalife distribution system has nothing to do with pyramid systems or so-called chains di SantAntonio so rightly criticized in the past. Herbalife's work experience is based on the multilevel system, which for years has been perfectly managed by the company in a satisfactory way and always aiming at the happiness of the distributors. The brand is now so well known that it sells itself and does not need too many advertisements and sviolinate. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that in every country where the Herbalife brand is distributed, all the rules and laws in force are respected, and every single mixture or pill is screened by the Ministry of Health before being marketed. The safety of the final consumer is always placed at the top of the interests of the States and Herbalife.alife.

No longer a simple diet but a real nutrition

When we talk about Herbalife, considering the numerous creations aimed at weight loss, integration and well-being in general, we can no longer speak of a simple diet, but of a diet that aims at improving nutrition in general. The continuous studies conducted by scientists in the laboratories allow us to make enormous progress towards formulations that are gradually more effective and well tolerated; the constant additions of flavors and panacea drinks allow consumers to feed themselves with a wide range of delicious, low-calorie and healthy products.ani.

There are those who count on Herbalifee

The remarkable quality of all the components of Herbalife formulations, especially those aimed at athletes, has helped to establish lasting partnerships and collaborations with important names in the world of sport. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo, who needs no introduction as a big star in the world of football, is collaborating with the company to promote healthy and balanced nutrition at every level. The new blends for athletes will be made with the help and support of this great champion, who will associate his name with the Herbalife brand on the labels. But that's not all; Herbalife has become the official supplier of the Italian National Olympic Committee CONI, the Trentino volleyball team, the Italian swimming team, the FIP and the fencing champion Arianna Errigo and many other champions in Italy and around the world. Need to say moretro?

Social commitmente

In fact, Herbalife's extraordinary story doesn't end there. In fact, since 1994, the company has founded the Herbalife Family Foundation, to support the realities that lend a hand to homeless, abandoned children left to physical and sexual abuse. To guarantee them a balanced nutrition aimed at well-being, the company also carries out a solidarity action in many difficult situations, in areas affected by earthquakes and other natural disasters. Specifically, in Italy, Herbalife is present with two interesting realities: since 2006 it has supported the SOS Children's Villages Association, where it participates by supplying food to children without families or in need; since 2010, however, it has also supported the Casa Oz in Turin in favor of sick minors and their families.ie.

And now. Let's talk about what Herbalife products aree

After a lot of chat, hopefully interesting and exhaustive, we make an overview of the range of blends, lines and formulations of the company.a.
  • In the weight management industry, there are very tasty and highly satiating meal replacements. Formula 1 is Formula 1 Free (gluten and lactose free are powerful meal replacements that guarantee a complete optimal nutritional intake, very pleasant and with many flavors to choose from. They are based on vegetable proteins and contain numerous vitamins and important minerals. We then have the bars which replace an entire meal, are light, fat-free, low in calories but very good and satiating and perfectly balanced. TheToasted soy nuts they are a whim that anyone on a diet can indulge in from time to time, to treat themselves to a sweet moment of psychological well-being. They are light and will not affect the diet with an intake of 9 grams of vegetable protein. Even theprotein bars they can be a valid ally in waiting between one meal and another. And to break the monotony, thea Gourmet tomato soup it will satisfy even the most demanding palates!
  • In the field of food supplements, Herbalife is the host with an interesting variety of formulations, decidedly specific for individual problems. For a healthier and more efficient heart we haveNiteworks isBeta Heart, for those with water retention problems there is the possibility to choose between various drinks and concentrates that stimulate diuresis, to increase concentration and memory we have Liftoff, to stay awake and active we can use theGuarana… everything and more at Herbalife, for a healthier and more active life!
  • For sports enthusiasts there is something for all tastes. We have formulations suitable for endurance sports, or for strength sports, there are special drinks to strengthen workouts and to never run out of liquids; to prolong motor activity, such as in a football match, there is’è CR7Drive, a drink created with the help of Cristiano Ronaldo, or to recover in a short time we have Restore, a capsule to be taken in the evening, rich in vitamins and minerals that are lost during physical exertion and promotes recovery. Whole lineHerbalife 24 is aimed at athletes of all kinds of sports.
  • THEHerbalife products they certainly don't stop there; in fact, the company wants to think about the internal well-being of the organism, but also winks at the external envelope. And so two lines for the body were born, one is thereè la SKIN, with purifying masks, moisturizing creams, regenerating, soothing and firming formulas, all mixtures rich in vitamins against free radicals; we also find the lineHerbal Aloe which consists of a shower gel, a soap, a fortifying shampoo and conditioner and a soothing gel, all items that harness the powers of Aloe Vera. All Herbalife external nutrition products adhere to the same cellular nutrition concepts, are independent laboratory tested, hypoallergenic, completely natural and not tested on animals..

The number of employees increases every year

Have you wondered why so many people choose to join the Herbalife family. If they do, there will obviously be a reason it is a potentially attractive income. There are those who decide to do it as a second job, who instead gives up everything and devotes themselves totally to this activity, without employers and hierarchies, enriching on a personal level and self-managed. Yes, because if you decide to enter the Herbalife world, you will be the one to dictate the rules, your spaces, your schedules and your customers. The company doesn't impose anything on you. All in accordance with the law, with no particular turnover commitments. Mind you, though; Herbalife is very serious about its employees and consumers too, so it will demand the same of you. The earnings will not rain from the sky, but you will have to be the one to get involved in the first person, with commitment and good will. Word of mouth is essential for this type of work, and i, e i Herbalife products they help you in this: they have been on the market for 35 years, they are very valid and many people have already tried them, and still others are intrigued. Harness the power of the brand that has been satisfying its customers for decades and aiming for global happiness. It won't be difficult for you to sell well-being and a better quality of life to your neighbor think about it Work with Herbalife to::
  • An autonomous activity without superiorsi
  • An almost immediate gain
  • A startup without spending money
  • A job with no obligation to purchase
  • An important discount on items
  • Selling others something tested, natural and safe
  • Operate on the market on behalf of an important and multinational companye

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