Visceral or Abdominal Fat

Il Grasso Viscerale o Addominale

What is visceral fat?

Visceral or abdominal fat is the part of fatty tissue concentrated in the abdominal cavity and is much more dangerous to health than one might think. For both women and men, the best tool for assessing how much visceral fat you have is a tape measure. In an average-sized woman, a waistline of 90 centimeters or more is considered excess fat, while a circumference greater than 100 centimeters is cause for concern in men.

How to reduce excess visceral fat?

To lose weight it is necessary to reduce the amount of calories introduced, decreasing the doses of food and making healthy food choices such as limiting the consumption of processed foods and sugary drinks, eating whole grains and avoiding refined wheat pasta . Physical activity is also essential to reduce abdominal fat; intense training is not necessary, just a half hour of running, a brisk walk, cycling or an aerobics class. Good sleep is also important; in fact it has been shown that an adult who sleeps less than five hours or more than eight a night is more prone to acquiring visceral fat. When deciding to lose weight, a balanced diet is the first step to take; for those who don't have time or are unable to follow a diet suitable for supplying the right substances that the body needs, Herbalife with its products is a precious ally.

The Herbalife solution


Herbalife Formula 1 is a shake to be used as a meal replacement for weight control, providing vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and mineral salts, while limiting caloric intake. For weight control, just replace a meal with a Formula 1 shake; if instead you want to lose weight, replace two meals with Formula 1. Available in 7 flavours: cocoa, cappuccino, cream and biscuit, strawberry, banana cream, toffee apple and cinnamon and vanilla. There is also the Formula 1 Free version, vanilla flavor, gluten, lactose and soy free. Thermo Yellow is a weight control supplement and helps curb the urge to snack; it can be taken during the day or at night, when the irrepressible desire to tease something assails. Thermo Complete is an herbal enhancer for more effective weight loss, it helps to increase metabolism and promote weight loss, giving you the support you need to achieve and permanently maintain your ideal weight.


Mineral Complex is a supplement of vitamin C and mineral salts, useful for combating water retention and cellulite blemishes; it helps the body restore a good water balance and eliminate excess liquids. Very valid in weight control to reduce centimeters at critical points. Group B vitamins, essential minerals and vegetable ingredients make up Cell Active, a food supplement that is used to improve energy levels, deflate the intestines and promote weight gain or loss.

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