Herbalife and Sport: Sponsorships and Testimonials

Herbalife e lo Sport: Sponsorizzazioni e Testimonial

Herbalife sponsorships around the world

Herbalife sponsors more than 130 world-class athletes, over 60 professional teams and leagues, 5 National Olympic Committees and many events around the world that exemplify our commitment to active, healthy living supported by good nutrition. Herbalife is the Official Nutritional Sponsor of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and the Presenting Sponsor and Official Nutritional Partner of the Los Angeles Galaxy. Herbalife Nutrition works in partnership with Special Olympics to support the organization's fitness programming around the world, focusing on increasing physical activity and improving nutrition and hydration.

Herbalife sponsors in Italy

The quality of Herbalife products has not gone unnoticed in Italy, where excellent sponsorships are not lacking.

The collaboration between Herbalife and CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee)

For the next three years, Herbalife will be the official supplier of food supplements for the Olympic team and the performance of all athletes have already made use of the precious nutritional contribution provided by Herbalife products in the Rio Olympics and in the just past Winter Olympics.

Herbalife and the FIN (Italian Swimming Federation)

The agreement between Herbalife and the Italian Swimming Federation continues profitably from the 2010-2011 season. As sponsor and official nutritional supplier, Herbalife has accompanied the athletes of the Italian national team to the victory of almost 400 medals between the Olympics, World and European championships,

Serie B League

Herbalife has guaranteed a full supply of energy drinks for the 2017-2018 season

The fencer Arianna Errigo

She won in 2013 and 2014 at the world championships in the foil category, finishing second at the 2012 Olympics. The Champion used Herbalife's advice as a nutritional tutor

Sponsor of Trentino Volley since 2014

Already an official sponsor since 2014, Herbalife is proud to stand by the volleyball team and assist them in their quest for victory

San Donà Rugby

The sponsorship of the Rugby team born way back in 1959 in San Donà, near the Veneto capital, continues also in the current 2017-2018 season. Numerous victories achieved thanks to Herbalife, even if it is still struggling to reach the first place in the ranking. There is no food product that can guarantee victory, unfortunately!

Fidal (Italian Athletics Federation)

Aerobic effort requires a particular type of response from the body, and Herbalife has specifically designed products to assist athletes whether they perform endurance activities, such as running, or engage in sports more focused on instantaneous efforts, such as rings, or the long jump. Fidal's community of over 50,000 members is exactly the target of the lifestyle promoted by Herbalife, which for this reason has chosen to sponsor Fidal.

But that's not all... to mention just a few of the other sponsorships of recent years:

  • Herbalife workout
  • Rimini Wellness 2015 - 2016
  • Gianluigi Quinzi
  • Milan Expo 2015
  • Valentine Rooster
  • Joseph Near
  • Ariadne Fontana
  • Herbalife Active Winter Tour 2015 and 2016
  • Herbalife Active Summer Tour 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • MPS Mens Sana Basket
  • Tania Cagnotto
  • Caroline Koster 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. In these two years Carolina won a world title, a European title and a European silver, placing herself in first place in the world rankings
  • Inter : in the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 season. In these two seasons, Inter won two league titles, two Italian Cups, and one European Cup
  • Milan City Marathon. 5,828 members, 60,000 visitors, average audience of 500,000 Herbalife offered energy drinks and hot tea to all visitors.
  • Beach Tour and Beach Volleyball

A manual for the correct nutrition of athletes who practice endurance sports

Sponsorship is not an end in itself: Herbalife is committed to spreading and communicating a message of collaboration for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Proper nutrition, inner harmony, sporting activity and social productivity must create a virtuous circle for the improvement of human beings.

For this purpose it is important to spread the knowledge of the correct food practices to be respected in order to meet all our energy needs. This is even more true for those who practice sports at any level. More intense efforts correspond to greater needs of the organism which must be correctly regulated.

The nutrition and supplementation protocol in sports practice was born from the collaboration between coni and Herbalife F24. Endurance sports are covered in this manual.

This manual covers endurance sports such as swimming, triathlon and running. Endurance athletes have special needs that do not only concern the energy profile dictated by some types of training carried out by them.

Even during recovery activity it is important to try to speed up recovery times to maximize performance.

Inside the manual you will find special and relevant content that does not only concern the athlete's nutritional management but also dietary supplementation. In detail, you will study not only endurance sports but also sports that require powerful muscular efforts.

In fact, in the final part of the protocol you will find food products that reproduce the energy needs required in the various sports, such as cross-country skiing and running.

The nutritional management and integration indicated in the protocol is in all respects a valid tool both for increasing one's knowledge about nutrition and integration in endurance sports, but it is also very useful for supporting the daily practice of the sport practiced

Click on the link to download the file: CONI PROTOCOL 02_2018

In the protocol you will find very useful information for a balanced diet and very useful tables that will show you day by day and hour by hour how to satisfy your food needs during training periods and beyond!

Take a look at the products in the H24 line specifically designed for correct management of the dietary needs of sportsmen and physically active people.

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