Vegan diet for weight loss:balanced and healthy?

Dieta vegana per dimagrire: equilibrata e sana?
First of all, let's specify what the vegan philosophy consists of: the individuals who follow this food methodology feed only on what the earth can give them, avoiding any food of animal origin. They therefore differ from vegetarians since the latter allow you to bring cheeses and eggs to the table. Vegans, on the other hand, categorically reject these sources of nutrition. They draw in part from oriental cuisine, as they also include algae and soy in their diet, from which very nutritious foods are obtained such asi tofu (a kind of cheese and theil tempeh (together withseitan replaces meat.

Benefits of the vegan diet

A balanced vegan diet provides practically all the nutrients that man needs. Those who do not eat meat and animal fat gain numerous benefits in terms of health: first of all they will see the level of cholesterol in the blood drop significantly, so it could be an excellent idea for diabetics, it keeps blood pressure under control and significantly reduces the risks of colon, prostate and breast cancer. Many think that the total calcium intake is drastically compromised, while ignorant of the high content of this mineral in green leafy vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts. In general, a series of improvements in the organism are noted in vegan individuals, including:quali:
  • Weight control
  • Faster digestion
  • Reduction of allergies
  • Excellent sleep quality
  • Less influences

Possible deficiencies for vegans

Completely avoiding everything that derives from animals basically results in the breaking of a chain of essential amino acids which, unfortunately, are not found in vegetable proteins. Or rather, they are never present all together, and in any case do not respect particular relationships between molecules. Vegans claim to be able to feed on proteins with the help of cereals and legumes, but this thesis is not entirely correct. An almost perfect mix is needed to be able to re-establish a correct ratio between lysine not present, for example in cereals, and methionine not present in legumes. The evident and scientifically proven deficiency of vitamin B12 in the organism of vegans, combined with an excessive consumption of folate, due precisely to the lack of consumption of products of animal origin, can cause neurodegenerative disorders. Surely a valid support to the vegan diet can be the use of some supplements that can somehow bring the levels of these substances back to an acceptable range. Herbalife, for example, has developed and extensively tested atestato un Vitamin complex rich in vitamins B12, B6 and folic acid for the correct functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

Deepening: the correct diet

It is certainly not easy to draw up a breviary about the best food sources and related associations for vegans, but we recommend, at the very least, to follow these rules:
  • Continuously vary the foods brought to the table; there are an infinite number of products from the earth and it would be a real shame to limit yourself to just a few known foods; kamut, soy, buckwheat, spelled, barley, rice, quinoa, chia seeds, sorghum, flax seeds, dried fruit, fresh fruit, seasonal vegetables every day you can invent a new delicious recipe!a!
  • Every day it is necessary to ensure 7 portions of cereals, each equal to 30g of cereals or 125ml of rice milk, at least 400g of vegetables of your choice, 500g of fruit also in the form of juice, 5 portions of legumes choosing from 80g of legumes already cooked, 70g of tofu or 125ml of soy milk
  • Ask a doctor or a dietician for advice on taking any supplements and not to risk forgetting some essential nutrients, essential for survivala
  • For those wishing to try a diet of this type to lose a few pounds, they will have to follow a low-calorie diet, as it is mistakenly thought that the vegan diet is in itself slimming; widely denied statement if only for the important presence of carbohydrates..

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