Cristiano Ronaldo: the interview

Cristiano Ronaldo: l'intervista
Cristiano Ronaldo, two-time winner of the Golden Boot and Ballon d'Or, named best footballer of the year, tells in an interview the importance of nutrition for him:
When you're young you don't think much about nutrition, about eating healthy, about the right hydration. You realize that it is very important only towards the age of 18. It's really very important! My body is part of my job, it's an extra weapon that gives me an edge against other players.
He also talks about his special relationship with Herbalife, with which he has been collaborating for several years.
For me it is a pleasure to collaborate with Herbalife, and a great honor. I use the products and I know they work well, they are professionals who dedicate themselves body and soul to their work. They know what they are doing, they are professional and honest.

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