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Herbalife is notoriously associated with its external nutrition products, of which the Formula 1 shake is the workhorse, but in recent years a branch of the company dedicated to body care has been developed, with lines of external nutrition and cosmetics. While many cosmetic products are limited to improving aesthetics but can sometimes also be harmful to our skin, Herbalife's lines of external nutrition are pure cellular nutrition for the skin. Herbalife cosmetics are divided into two categories: the products of the Herbal Aloe line, for daily hygiene (shampoo, shower gel, soap, soothing gel, etc.) and the products of the new SKIN line dedicated to skin care.

Herbalife SKIN


The SKIN line products are studied by a scientific team led by Dr. Paolo Giacomoni. Having joined Herbalife in 2011, Dr. Giacomoni is one of the world leaders in skincare research. Previously, he held the position of executive director for research of Estée Lauder for thirteen years, and before that he worked in basic research and product development of L'Oreal. Herbalife SKIN is a totally innovative line for clinically tested skin care, composed of 11 products to cleanse, tone and hydrate the skin. Would you like visible and quick results? Herbalife SKIN visibly improves skin's softness, smoothness, radiance and luminosity in just 7 days! Visible results immediately also for the wrinkle reducing serum, which helps to remove the signs of skin aging. The products of the SKIN line are studied in 5 phases:

  1. Skin Cleansing : Soothing or smoothing cleanser to use every day, plus a scrub to exfoliate and remove blemishes once a week or as needed
  2. Tone up, with the use of the energizing tonic
  3. Treat with wrinkle reducing serum (if needed)
  4. Redefine the eye contour, in the morning with the gel and in the evening with the moisturizer
  5. Skin hydration
It is important to underline that Herbalife SKIN does not contain added sulphates or parabens, and is dermatologically tested. Contains antioxidant vitamins C, E and B3 to improve the appearance of the skin

Herbal Aloe line


The Herbal Aloe line consists of six products designed to give brightness to hair and skin. Rich in aloe vera and elements of vegetable origin, without parabens and sulphates, it allows you to hydrate and nourish the skin, and fortify and soften your hair. Ideal for use in daily hygiene, your skin will be visibly softer and more hydrated! For example, Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo has been tested to leave hair 10 times stronger from the first application, reducing hair breakage by 90%

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