How to keep your appetite at bay

Come tenere a bada l'appetito
To be able to maintain a healthy weight or to reach it through a low-calorie diet, a factor of great importance is the appetite that each of us feels, some more, some less. There are people who eat only because they have to, without feeling absolutely the urge of hunger; others, however, who feel hunger pangs even hours before a meal. Clearly, the latter are more predisposed to fattening! It could become a real ally for weight loss the essential method to keep appetite at bay. There are some strategies to test on your body that, in most cases, will bring miraculous benefits to say the least. And the temptation to repeatedly open the fridge in the most unthinkable hours will slowly cease.à.

The basic rules for limiting the sense of hunger

  • The day must be scrupulously divided into 5 meals: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. The big binges must be eliminated completely, but not only to avoid rising inexorably, but also because eating small meals every 3-4 hours stimulates the basal metabolism and avoids arriving at lunch and dinner with a fainting hunger. Blood sugars are the main culprits of strong appetite: a drastic decrease in them leads the subject to feed on whatever passes in front of his eyes. Snack and snack prevent this from happening.
  • Chewing is undoubtedly a fundamental point not to be forgotten: it must be slow and aware; foods should be chopped between the teeth for easier digestion. The longer the food is kept in the mouth, the more the sense of satiety increases, leading us to eat less. The brain needs a few minutes after ingesting meals to understand that you have eaten and return the sense of fullness to the body. For the psyche, chewing longer gives the feeling of having eaten more.iù.
  • Vegetables should be introduced before anything else; rich in fiber and water, they satiate quickly and limit the glycemic index of foods subsequently introduced, excellent for diabetics. They prepare the stomach and intestines to digest subsequent meals.ivi.

A few more tips…

To limit your appetite and eat less, here are a few more rules to follow:
  • After finishing the dish, get up immediately from the table, so as not to succumb to the temptation of a few more snacks
  • Brush your teeth right away or chew a peppermint gum

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