How to care for and improve the eye contour

Come curare e migliorare il contorno occhi
It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and whoever talks to us, whoever observes us, whoever wants to steal some secret only from the look always aims at the eyes. But because with time, the smiles, the cries of a lifetime, many small wrinkles form to emphasize the expression of the face, making us more experienced and mature.But not only that, also redness, swelling, drooping eyelids a real aesthetic disaster that perhaps in men gives depth and awareness, in women only a saddened look and a few more years to hide with makeup! The production of the components of the skin, namelyovvero collagen edelastin, decreases with the passage of time, the skin thins more and more and numerous imperfections appear. The fibers of the skin form a sort of elastic network, which over the years can no longer return to its initial position. The dermis around the eyes has fewer hair follicles and fewer sweat and sebaceous glands than other parts of the body, and it is precisely for this reason that it is extremely thin 0.5 mm and prone to irritation, redness and swelling. The entire area around the eyes is made up of a very elastic and extensible membrane that loses tone over time, becoming flaccid and full of fine lines..

The sebaceous glands

They are also called here‘meibomian glands’ and they appear different than other parts of the body because they do not join the follicles. They contribute to the formation of the protective ocular layer also called tear film. However, they are themselves the cause of many types of irritation involving dermal disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis or those caused by expired or low quality cosmetics..

How to counteract the signs of aging

It has been shown that there is a genetic component regarding the reduction of tone and elasticity of the skin, especially for the so-called crow's feet, so in some cases the various approaches may not give the desired results. However, it is certainly possible to intervene to partially alleviate the signs of advancing time and prevent the appearance of imperfections.i. Herbalife proposes oneSKIN line specifically designed to counteract the loss of tone in the dermis. In particular, it proposesFirming Eye Contour GEL, with cucumber and aloe, for a more radiant and youthful appearance, eMoisturizing Eye Contour CREAM, to deeply nourish the skin in that specific area.What is Collagene? It is a protein found in the skin of humans and animals, especially in mammals, and represents even 6 of the body weight of an adult. Due to the presence of proline in collagen, its most stable arrangement is triple helix. Its structure is composed of tropocollagen formed by three polypeptide chains linked to amino acids.). So is Elastinna? Also a protein, it allows the various tissues to resume their original shape after having contracted or stretched, we also think simply of facial expressions and mimicry. It also appears to abound in the arteries and lungs. It is made up of amino acids, alanine, proline, glycine and valine. Among the amino acids we find some very rare ones such as desmosine and isodesmosine.ina.

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