Fighting diabetes starting from the table

Combattere il diabete iniziando dalla tavola
Lifestyle, made up of many repetitive and often incorrect habits, is the main cause of type 2 diabetes, from which more and more people worldwide suffer from it. First of all, it must be emphasized that obesity and overweight are the first enemies of this disease, and must be fought at the first onset of symptoms. A correct and balanced diet, combined with a little bit of physical exercise done on a regular basis can really make a difference. But what is a true balanced diet? Let's see what to eat and what to avoid if we suffer from type 2 diabetes. 2.

Every day at the table

Carbohydrates should not be avoided, but controlled and modified. In fact, most of us are used to eating white pasta, bread and rice, which is more refined and poor in fiber. We absolutely must replace them with whole-grain complex carbohydrates, to feel fuller and for easier digestion. In this way, sugars will be metabolized slowly and steadily, thus avoiding unnecessary harmful peaks. Particularly sugary fruits like raisins, persimmons and bananas should be limited to 1-2 fruits per week. On the other hand, sweets of all kinds, such as cakes, biscuits, snacks, etc., sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages are banned, with some exceptions. These are the real enemies of diabetics. Then granted the cheers for the birthday and the toast for Christmas, complete with a slice of high-calorie cake, but they must be really rare cases. Consistency in an eating style always pays off, whether it is simply a low-calorie diet to dispose of excess pounds or something more specific, as in the case of diabetics. Proteins are the real building blocks of our organism, therefore, although not exceeding, they must be part of the daily life of the diabetic, alternating those of animal origin, white and red meats, game, fish, cheese, milk and eggs with those of vegetable origin legumes in especially soy, to have a broad spectrum of essential amino acids available. Vegetables must be a must in the dish every day, as well as for the high content of vitamins and minerals, also for the action they manage to have on sugars, or slowing down their absorption, thus avoiding glycemic peaks. In fact, it is advisable to consume the portion of vegetables before eating the first one. Fats should not be totally avoided, but it is advisable to consume mainly extra virgin olive oil thanks to the high content of antioxidants that fight free radicals.icali liberi.

Essential amino acids against diabetes

Diabetic subjects do not assimilate carbohydrates properly and in this case insulin fails to reduce blood sugar to bearable levels. Insulin is a hormone self-produced by the body, but in the case of diabetics there is a sort of insulin resistance, that is, a poor sensitivity of the cells towards this hormone, which is not recognized by the membranes and is therefore not absorbed. Larginine and L-carnitine are essential amino acids that is they cannot be produced by the body but must be taken with food which, according to recent studies, would seem to greatly improve the sensitivity of cells to insulin, thus bringing back normal blood glucose values.sangue.

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