Common Challenges in Meditation Practice (and Daily Life)

Sfide comuni nella pratica di meditazione (e nella vita quotidiana)

There are so many challenges commonly present in meditative practice. All these experiences are neither bad nor wrong; they are simply part of the meditation practice, and are not meant to imply that your meditation is "not working" or that you are practicing it wrong. Challenges are a deception because when they appear they distract us a lot and make us feel defeated. Learn to recognize these experiences as soon as they arise and becoming aware that they are naturally part of meditation is of great help to us. It doesn't just happen to you!
By learning to recognize these challenges in our practice, we can also learn to observe them in our daily lives and notice the way we tend to react. 

Sfide meditazione


It is experience that tells us “I do not want to”. Whenever we experience something and have a reaction of rejection, or a desire to dismiss that experience, we can talk about "aversion”. This can include emotions such as fear, anger, irritation, disgust or resentment. 

Craving and desire

It is experience that tells us “I want”. We can feel it nuanced as a desire to feel calm and relaxed, or, at the other extreme, as a powerful urge to use substances. 

Restlessness and agitation

It can manifest itself as a kind of nagging discomfort or itching. We can feel it physically, like a intense desire to move during meditation, or how mental agitation, in which the mind feels impatience or discomfort.

Numbness and drowsiness

It can show up as physical drowsiness or mental laziness. We can feel it in the mind, the body, or both. 


Doubt can present itself as personal insecurity (I am not able to do this exercise) o doubts about the usefulness of this practice (It's ridiculous, why would people sit here and watch the breath?). Doubt is a particularly difficult challenge because it can become very persuasive. It may help to remember that meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and has helped millions of people change their lives. No one is incapable of practicing meditation; it is accessible to anyone who wishes to do so. It can also be a challenging practice. The important thing is to stay with it all, and when challenges arise, bring them to the end awareness. 

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