Let go

Lasciar andare

Have you ever asked yourself: “But what does it mean, then, to let it be? If I don't do something in my life, things will go downhill, I'll be sick.” This belief that I really can control others and life it dies hard, mostly because of ours rational mind. However, most of the events they are not controllable, and the illusion of control occurs only in one's mind, not outside of it. When we realize that our efforts are useless, we can acquire a wiser position: that of let be, let go. 


Letting be implies trust. We can acquire trust by getting out of our worried mind and they observe the events. Observing events requires know how to meditate. That's why the awareness it is essential to acquire the necessary trust to understand that there is no need for control. 


In this way we can see that there is a subtle relationship between trust and inaction: a non-action that means listen to what happens without turning it into action. Without interfering or reacting. Letting be, therefore, I emerge a space of openness to the present moment, where events change by themselves. This can only be understood through continuous attention to the present, clear, limpid. 

If, on the other hand, we are afraid of what may happen, every urge to act will appear to us a good reason to intervene. And in this way we will not observe the events change by themselves. 


Therefore, we can hold the feather or let it fly in spontaneous wind games, we can try to hold the feather forever (a game that will not lead to a win) or we can let it fly and allow events to happen, while remaining in a space of listening and not reactivity, a game that will lead us to a victory because sooner or later the feather will certainly fly. And in this action, paradoxically, we don't act: we open our fingers and let go. In this way it flourishes awareness of our life: we can act or not act according to the moment, but we will always be present in life, as it is, without interfering with it. 

We can get out of the claim to know what we should live and do, and enter into respect for how things develop. 


These reflections are undoubtedly paradoxical. But the only way to make something worthwhile is to make it come from do not actwithout worrying whether it will be useful or not. 


Jon Kabat Zinn 

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