A school of grace and not of perfection

A scuola di grazia e non di perfezione

There are so many reasons why we look for it perfection. Perhaps we are fascinated by the impression of completeness.

The point though is that we all tend, if we can't have the original, to look for a replacement. So if we can't live a authentic life we want to have at least one perfect life. It seems more attainable to us, all things considered. For perfection we also have some models to follow. If we want a perfect body we can follow fitness and health guidelines. If we want a perfect mate we can make a list of the necessary characteristics. If we want a perfect job we can build a suitable curriculum and then start researching. 

All this feat of perfection is reassuring: we know what its point of arrival is. We may never get there but we will be able to measure how far we are from where we are, perfectly. 

Being ourselves instead it is something else. It means making room for scratching and pain, as well as joy. It means having a more internal than external map. It means to consider that ugly and beautiful will be part of it and consider each moment our destination. It means learning from everything. It means, in a word, seek grace and not perfection. That grace that comes when we are all whole in what we do. 

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