How they are used and what are Herbalife's core products.

Diet tips
Come si utilizzano e quali sono i prodotti fondamentali Herbalife.

After months or even years of accumulating excess fat, your dream of shedding the extra pounds could really come true.…but there are buts to respect.

First of all, our body must have the ability to react and readjust to the newnutritional scheme proposed by the Herbalife company..

Although we would like the pounds to melt like snow in the sun, we must instead set realistic and unrealistic goalsharmful to our health.


Here are some small tips to follow to find the lost line:

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day
  • Sip theherbal tea for both breakfast and lunch
  • Dissolve the mixtureFormula 1 in natural water, preferably mineral and non-carbonated at room temperaturete
  • In the free meal make great use ofbresaola, turkey, chicken, meat, fish, vegetables and salad
  • Eat vegetables at will and of any kind even during snacksi)
  • Do not overdo the fruit andavoid bananas and lgrapes
  • You can have a bigger or transgressive meal a week. But only one a week and always on the same day of the week eg. on Wednesdays, every Wednesdayì)
  • No sweets / alcohol / ice cream / aperitifs / sandwiches / pizza / brioche / sugared coffee
  • Never drink sugary sodas. On the other hand, you can enjoy zero-calorie drinks such as Lemonsoda zero, Zero tonic water, Sprite Zero in addition to the famous Coca cola zero etc. even if they are carbonated it doesn't matter, just don't abuse them.sarne
  • What matters are thecalories: Fewer calories possible so no sugary drinks
  • Focaccia, bread, pizza are all carbohydrate sugars. In the free meal it is possible to eat pasta, as long as it is little, in addition to bread substitutesne
  • Cakes etc. they are fine but ONLY in the free meal and in small quantities
  • A nice salad with grilled vegetables,eggs or bresaola or turkey or even all together ... That's fine. The meat is also great
  • Little,very little salt, because it prevents fats from melting


Herbalife products for the basic diet

As you know, ibasic products necessary to follow theHerbalife diet I'm:


The guide with basic instructions can be found at this link:The Quick Guide to Using Essential Products


For more details, you can consult these interesting explanatory articles:


What to do if you do not lose enough weight with the basic products

If theweight loss did not satisfy you, we recommend the purchase of::


Diet tips can be found here:The advice of the world experts who work for Herbalife

If your biggest problem right now is cellulite and skin blemishes, let us suggest some tricks by reading here:


If you are going through menopause and don't know how to get better, read these tips:


If you are a sporty person, do not miss the opportunity to receive lots of advice on::


You always want to have beautiful and smooth skin Then you should definitely inquire about::


… many tips developed by Nobel Laureates and PhDs who work for Herbalife, translated into Italian!


Some more information before saying goodbye

ATTENTION: with theHerbalife diet do not go hungry! If you feel a little hungry in the first 4 days, this is completely normal. The stomach is elastic and within 4 days that feeling will disappear. However, in case of excessive hunger, rather than throwing yourself at the first cake with cream available, it is better to prepare another means Formula 1 smoothie!

This also applies to the mid-morning or afternoon break !!! 1/2 smoothie made with water are very low in calories!


Why use the Herbalife smoothie

Theshake Formula 1 prevents the glycemic curve from rising. When the glycemic curve drops after 90 minutes after a pizza or a stuffed focaccia, HUNGER IS BACK, inexorable. Instead, protein foods such as smoothies or meat, fish, bresaola do not raise the glycemic curve which, therefore, must not be lowered again!e!

If you want more details about using Formula 1, read also this article!

Now let's analyze each meal of the day and advice on which products are most recommended.

One of the aspectsfundamental in weight loss is drinking lots of water. Natural, at room temperature, any brand of mineral water SantAnna, Vitasnella, Levissima etc. Some people don't like plain water. But it is very important to take several liters of liquid throughout the day. If you really don't like water, help yourself with ZERO CALORIE drinks: zero tea, zero cocacocla, zero fanta,  
Avoid fruit juices and all other drinks as they are caloric. There are many flavored water-based drinks in large supermarkets. Or ALOE ZERO. Or add to the natural water of the other Herbalife ALOE to flavor the

So as soon as you get up, start drinking plain water immediatelyTEMPERATURE ENVIRONMENT.
In one of the glasses that you drink, add the TISANA half a teaspoon  

Herbal infusion

Always during themorning in another of the glasses of plain water addALOE which serves to purify the body of waste elements and dissolved fats during the night..

Concentrated Aloe with Herbs

Also during the morning make the FORMULA 1 smoothie flavor of your choice, it is also possible if you want to mix two or more flavors in the same smoothie.).
Follow the quantities indicated on the product label.

CAUTION:do not use whole milk use skim milk or better soy milk. Or make the smoothie only with still water at room temperature without milk. During the first 10 days from the beginning of the diet it is possible to add an extra half tablespoon of powder to accustom the stomach gradually and not to feel the sense of hunger you would not feel the same sense of hunger but for greater comfort you can add half a spoon. of more powder and gradually climb it during the first 10 days of the Diet. From the eleventh day, follow the quantities indicated on the product label.otto.

Formula 1

Before leaving to go to work or before starting smart working: prepare half a bottle of still water by inserting half a teaspoon ofHERBAL TEA (always the product that had already been taken first in the morning and consume the water throughout the morning until arriving at lunch.o.
ONLY if it were necessary to have a mid-morning snack: break a Formula 1 bar and eat half of it during the morning snack and the other half during the afternoon snack. If you only consume one snack a day, keep the Formula 1 half bar for the next day's snack as it is dry, it does not deteriorate in 24 hoursre)

(it would also be possible to set the free meal in the evening, as dinner, and to replace the lunch with the second Formula 1 of the day. The scheme can be changed every day with the fixed breakfast with Formula 1 and then by choice
every day you can put your free meal either at noon or in the evening)

For noon it is possible to eat such foodsvegetables (also seasoned with raw extra virgin olive oil never cooked in a pan, the oil also ensures the contribution of Omegaga)
Vegetables can also be consumed in quantity and spiced if desired. Vegetables because of their fibers or very suitable. Carrots, zucchini, peppers, celery, spinach, any type of vegetable and in abundant quantities
If you don't eat vegetables for some reason then replace it with this product:

Herbalife Multifibre

FORMULA 1 meal replacement, following the same directions as the morning smoothie

Muscle mass product only one of your choicea
During diets the body feels the need to find additional calories in the body not introduced with the dietary diet.o).
However, when the body is hungry, it unfortunately attacks the lean mass before the muscles as they are easier to transform calories into energy.alorie
Here, if with the Diet we do not insert additional proteins, we will end up with a little less belly but also with many less muscles in legs, arms, abs and we will loseo tone going to look even worse than when we were overweight
Therefore, especially for the man both in case of no physical activity and in case of exercise it is necessary to introduce somele PROTEIN in addition to those taken in the free meal with meate)
Therefore, getting the proteins from at least one of these products is sufficient for only one product. If you buy multiple products, rotate them over the course of the weekna
The first product is added to theFORMULA 1 in the morning and in the evening
Instead, the second and third products are taken at any time within 24 hours, just dissolve them in water.

Formula 3 this product is added to the morning and evening Formula 1 smoothie.

Other product that always contains proteins:

PRO 20 Select 630 Grams
This product can be taken dissolved in any liquid including natural water and can be taken at any time of the day, even during physical activity, as a protein recovery, therefore during the walk, the run but also during training done at home or in the gym.
And a new product released in 2019 and studied with Cristiano Ronaldo..

AlternativelyTri Blend Select - soluble in water to taste BANANA a product for those who during physical activity also need to replenish their strength as they have made a great physical effort due to intense activity not suitable for sedentary people who want to do the Diet as it also provides caloriesie)

Tri Blend Select

Non-essential product to be purchased at a later time and only if there is a lot of nervous hungerThemojetics Yellow.

Thermo Yellow



H24 Muscle recovery after weight lifting

H24 Recovery after aerobic activity


H24 Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Drive - Rehydration for sport / running in Summer

H24 Hydrate minerals and vitamins


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