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If you are absolutely not the type for extreme sports, intense workouts on the saddle of a bike or for many hours locked in the weight room of the gym below the house, know that all is not lost. Whether to keep body weight under control, or to lose weight but, above all, to face life day after day in a healthy way, a dispassionate advice and with many perhaps hidden benefits is just to dedicate a few minutes every day to a nice walk! Of course, we are not talking about a stroll through the windows of the center, but in any case it is certainly not a sport with intense and stressful rhythms for the body. Half an hour, maybe an hour if time permits, at a brisk pace but without running, preferably away from traffic and constant traffic lights, perhaps using a cycle path or a path between the countryside, can have seriously positive effects for our general health. , and not just to finally wear those jeans that seem so tight today…

So many good reasons to walk every day

If you still don't understand the reason or reasons for taking a walk, here are some more tips:
  • It could even be fun, perhaps chatting with your best friend or neighbor
  • It is a cardiovascular exercise that allows you to set in motion many muscles of the legs, trunk and even the arms; do not downgrade walking as a minor activity because it does not require particular efforts, consistency will be your best allya
  • If you have been inactive for a long time, a healthy daily walk will be the best way to restore balance between bones, muscles and breath; later you can also choose whether to switch to some more intense activity
  • You can also walk to work or to go to the supermarket; it does not require any registration, equipment or clothing costs, it is completely free!

A few tips to get the most out of your time

Perhaps at this point you will have understood that walking is a simple activity that does not require particular physical or economic efforts but now your feasibility study will have stopped if only for the lack of time. Well, today's stressful life doesn't actually allow us to dedicate too much time to ourselves, but with a few more tips, you can find your topical moments:ci:
  • Take advantage of the moments of pause to walk, perhaps even using a pedometer there are numerous apps for smartphones and more technical watches, when you take the dog to do the business, walk the child in the stroller, to go for a coffee; choose a distant bar even for the lunch break, so you will be forced to walk before and after the meal, and also at a fast pace so as not to be latedo
  • When you are talking on the phone, walk, move, do not sit still; clean the house thoroughly and thoroughly, garden all activities that force you to move and walk; you could also buy a treadmill to use for as little as 15 minutes each dayo
  • Set yourself weekly goals to achieve, such as climbing flights of stairs 10 or 20 times etc. etc.

Various types of walking

Depending on your pace, your walk takes on different meanings. We have in fact:i:
  • The pleasure walk, or the classic walk with a slow pace where you can chat without any problem or out of breath better than nothing, but it does not bring great benefitsi)
  • The quick walk, with an effort equal to 60 and where the conversation becomes complicated due to breathlessness recommended for those who have been standing still for a long timepo)
  • Fast walking, with an effort equal to 70-80, where it is almost impossible to speak is suitable either at a later time or for those who already practice physical activity and are of normal weighteso)
  • The very fast walk, where you do not speak and remain focused, the effort is considerable, and usually also includes some ups and downs for a few, but not impossible to do with a little trainingto)

Hydration during exertion

It is of fundamental importance not to forget to hydrate yourself sufficiently before tackling the walk, but also during. A valid help for those who have to face a training session is the product H24 Hydrateformulated in laboratoriesHerbalife, with 100 of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C, calcium and magnesium to support the muscles in the effort. The combined action of these two minerals is effective for human well-being, for proper heart function and for rebalancing the body's acid-alkaline levels.smo.

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