Remove Retention for a Flatter Abdomen

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Togli la Ritenzione per un Addome più Piatto
The belly is a very affected area both by excess abdominal fat and by the stagnation of liquids that the body cannot dispose of. The result of days, months or years without physical exercise and without a balanced but light diet, is to find clothes pulling on the abdomen and to always feel bloated and irritable, often also with a perennial discomfort similar to stomach ache from constipation. Fortunately, losing the fluid accumulated on the abdomen is easier than disposing of excess abdominal fat, and even faster. Those who have followed a fast diet at least once in their life know very well the mechanism of the first pounds lost: mainly composed of water and stagnant liquids. The main causes of abdominal swelling A sedentary lifestyle is significantly the enemy of a flat and toned stomach, so forget the sofa and go jogging or a nice swim in the pool! A diet rich in junk, pre-cooked or excessively processed food introduces an excess of salt into the body which promotes retention, and therefore swelling. It is also necessary to ensure that there is an excellent drainage of liquids by the body. The kidneys must be helped to eliminate toxins and stagnant liquids, without the use of diuretics, but simply by following a specific diet except in special cases. In addition to this, the entire lymphatic system must also be stimulated, which plays a very important function even if less evident than that of the kidneys. How the lymphatic system works Basically it deals with inactivating the various microorganisms and debris trapped in the tissues and in filtering the plasma between arteries and veins. It basically removes everything that could burden the subsequent work of the kidneys, natural filters of toxins and ed impurità.

How to drain liquids

As already mentioned, a diet rich in salt prevents the tissues from releasing stagnation and, on the contrary, tends to block the fluids inside the body. Therefore it is necessary to pay more attention to the salting of salads, water for pasta, meat and so on.It is advisable to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, possibly light and not excessively mineralized so as not to further burden the filtering cycle of kidneys and lymph .linfa.

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