Have they told you that you are not capable of selling and you think that if it were easy everyone would do it?

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Ti hanno detto che non sei capace di vendere e pensi che se fosse facile lo farebbero tutti?
You're there, you're almost there. You are reading about your business as an independent Herbalife distributor. You're wondering if it's worth it, to try, to seek freedom by starting your own business. But something is blocking you. You are wondering if you can be the right person for such an undertaking. You think you're not capable of selling, you're not good with people. And you believe that the information you are reading cannot be true. That it is yet another online scam, like all those ads that promise easy earnings in a very short time. If this is your current perception… don't worry, it's normal! Starting an independent business is never a walk in the park, carrying it out steadily and expanding it is an art continuously refined with experience. We can only tell you this: it worked for us. We are a group of Herbalife Nutrition distributors active in Lombardy for more than ten years, and we make huge sales online and through traditional sales channels. If you want to know more, contact us without obligation. Think you can't sell? It's not a problem, we will accompany you in the first steps of this activity, and we will provide you with the basics to start earning. Remember that your success is also our success: if you earn, we will earn too. Not about you, but for your success and your revenue Herbalife will give us brokerage and royalties. That's why this is an activity where everyone wins!!! Why do you think "sales" are easier for some people, and less for others? Why do you think some people are good at sales and others are not? The truth is, you're just afraid of failing, but in this case, you're risking nothing!

With Herbalife you don't have to face any initial investment. You will only be required to bear the cost of the Herbalife Member Pack (59.22 euros), which contains the contract for the sales license, a package of Herbalife Formula 1 meal replacement, with a commercial value of 46 euros, and information packets on the activity and on the products with useful nutritional advice. Sure, there are those who are more inclined for sales than someone else, as in all fields of life, but the truth is another: everyone is inclined for a part of the sales process, which is the direct relationship with the customer or the sales floor organization or more. The rest is learned in the field. Here, only with Herbalife Nutrition, you can permanently get rid of any control from above. By honing the set of skills needed to effectively close a sale, you will come to independently manage the entire plan of your business and you will no longer depend on anyone. The truth is a lot different than you think: Sales are simple, so simple that anyone can make great sales. Selling is simple, it's true, but it's not obvious either. So what is the secret of sales? Simply put: the secret of sales is hard work, as in all things in life. There is no magic wand. To excel in sales you have to work hard. You need to make a thoughtful plan, go out and meet people, stay connected and catch up. And you have to prove yourself convincing. It takes a good mix of qualities to be successful in sales. It takes hard work, consistent behavior and dedication. This is the difference between success and failure.

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