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STOP ALLA PERDITA DI CAPELLI! Cosa aiuta veramente le donne e gli uomini?

Hair loss

Hair loss is not the same as hair loss. If your hair is falling out, it doesn't mean that you are losing your thick mane for good. About 100 hairs lost per day are considered normal. But what if the hair loss exceeds this number? To stop it, the causes and symptoms must be known. There are a number of home remedies that can provide you with strong, healthy hair, forever avoiding a bald sheen. The Herbalife fortifying balm it is an effective remedy to fortify the hair and make it resistant and shiny. But let's find out the causes of hair loss.

What types of hair loss exist?

Hair loss can have various causes and comes in many forms. People who lose more than 100 hairs a day suffer from this condition. If this critical limit is exceeded, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor. Healthy hair growth compensates for minor fluctuations. However, healthy hair growth declines with age. There are three types of hair loss:
  • Hereditary hair loss
  • Diffuse hair loss
  • Circular hair loss
  • Hair loss in women

Hair loss in women

In women, hair loss is often associated with hormonal imbalances. Stress contributes significantly to hair loss. However, hormonal imbalances or stress could be controlled by the body if it is taken care of optimally. Unfortunately, modern lifestyle and nutrition do not guarantee a healthy lifestyle and promote acidification and deprivation of the body of vital minerals.

Hair loss in men

In addition to the genetic causes of hair loss in men, androgens may also be responsible for a clear cut in men. Also, hair loss can be caused by a fungal infection on the scalp. Other causes in men include mineral and vitamin deficiencies and stress. Guard all body care products Herbalife to find out how to solve your body's problems.

How do I recognize hair loss? - symptoms

There are a number of typical symptoms in which hair loss can be detected. Anyone who finds a lot of hair on their pillows after getting out of bed loses more hair than normal. For scalp problems, which are evident by redness, itching or missing hair in the corresponding area, it is advisable to visit a specialist. It could be a fungal attack or dermatitis. Another symptom can be a large amount of hair loss while applying shampoo in the shower. Excessive sebum production or dandruff can lead to hair loss. Hair loss in men can often be recognized by the receding hairline and baldness on the crown of the head. In women, thinning in the front of the head can be a symptom of hair loss.

How much hair do you usually lose during the day?

If you have around 100-200 hairs in your comb or pillow every day, don't worry. This is a normal hair loss that affects every person.

Causes and reasons of hair loss

The causes can be varied. Depending on the type of hair loss, there is usually one type of root cause that differentiates one type of hair loss from another.

Hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia)

The reason for hereditary hair loss is an innate sensitivity of the hair roots to a certain form of testosterone: when this is produced in an unbalanced amount, hair is lost. The hair falls out without the new being replicated. In the long run, this disease causes baldness. This type usually affects young people in particular.

Diffuse hair loss (diffuse alopecia)

Diffuse alopecia can have different causes. It can be triggered by the use of certain drugs, infectious diseases or thyroid dysfunction. Also, the cause of this type of hair loss can be due to malnutrition, stress or hormonal changes such as pregnancy. Cancer patients, who have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy, also often suffer from widespread hair loss. However, the hair in these patients returns to normal as soon as the treatment is complete.

Circular hair loss (Alopecia Areata)

Alopecia areata has not yet been fully elucidated. The cause of this species is believed to lie in a disorder of the immune system, which is why it is also referred to as an autoimmune disease. In this case, the body's immune cells mistakenly attack the hair roots, as a result of which hair growth is stopped. Emotional stress and stress can also cause hair loss.

Scarring hair loss (Alopecia Cicatricalis)

We speak of a healed hair loss, usually preceded by inflammation of the scalp due to bacterial or viral fungal infections. However, this type of hair loss can also be triggered by rare autoimmune or thyroid diseases. Physical injuries such as burns can also trigger Alopecia Cicatricalis.

Stop hair loss - what to do?

To combat hair loss, a lot can be done. Depending on the type of hair loss we are suffering from, there are some shampoos, medications, dietary supplements or other home remedies.


High-dose caffeine-containing shampoo and hair tonic can penetrate deeper layers of the scalp and ensure better blood circulation. This way, the follicles are supported in producing stronger hair and this results in fuller hair. Trial the herbal infusion Herbalife energizer to ensure your hair has the substances it needs to stay strong and planted on your head.


Demonstratively effective, but not all, so far there are only two hair loss drugs that affect men: Minoxidil: Originally launched as an antihypertensive on the market, it has been shown to have a considerable effect in hair maintenance Finasteride: This is an active ingredient that inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and reduces hair loss. Finasteride is available without a prescription in tablet form.

Food supplements

Those who want to use dietary supplements for hair loss should pay attention to zinc, selenium, folic acid, calcium, iron, B vitamins, biotin and iodine in terms of ingredients. In order to ensure good usability, attention should be paid to a good bioavailability of vitamins and minerals. All food supplements are useful for this purpose:

Home remedies and tips

Stressful and unhealthy diets are among the triggers for some types of hair loss. For this reason, plain and healthy food can counteract this kind of phenomenon. Listed below are some foods that can help against hair loss. Lemon juice: A mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can protect hair from falling out if this mixture acts on the scalp for about 30 minutes. Lemon regulates the pH of the hair, helping to eliminate dead cells. Coffee Warm coffee, if massaged on the scalp, can act against hair loss. Caffeine stimulates blood circulation to the scalp. The coffee should work for a few minutes before being rinsed thoroughly with water. Jojoba oil Anyone who rubs jojoba oil into the scalp and lets it work overnight can also be happy with less hair loss. Mixed with argan oil, the effect is even enhanced.


Those who suffer from hair loss should clarify the causes before starting the curative treatment. Unfortunately, some types of hair loss are still not fully explained and some causes can only be suspected. In addition to medicines and medical shampoos, there are a number of home remedies that can be used for hair loss. Great importance should be placed on a balanced diet and the avoidance of stress. Herbalife can help you achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, avoid stress, and restore your body's mineral balance with its food supplements.

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