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Sostenibilità di una dieta nel tempo

The fitness hype has focused on the themes of nutrition, weight loss and aesthetics. All this has been at the center of people and the public for some time. One topic, however, is overlooked on a regular basis: sustainability! What good is it if the dream figure is achieved with a fast diet, but impossible to maintain over time. A sustainable diet is needed! Many of the participants in the fitness industry are only interested in getting money from potential customers as quickly and easily as possible. But they are rarely satisfied in the long run. Precisely for this reason, today we want to consider how a sustainable diet is possible, with which to achieve goals in such a way that you can enjoy success for a long time! THE I Herbalife products they will help you along this path. The Herbalife diet is expected to be maintained over time, with regular consumption of

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Because sustainable nutrition is not that easy?

But first of all, an interesting question is why sustainable nutrition should be so difficult. Well, one of the reasons could certainly be that it isn't advertised. For a long time, print products and websites promise bold successes with several hardcore diets and one-sided methods that are sometimes dangerous to health. The fact that this type of diet is so widespread, in turn, has several causes. On the one hand, a sustainable diet requires responding to individual needs, which of course magazines and websites cannot afford. At the same time, real diets must generate immediate escapes from ordinary people - a dilemma that quickly leads to the idea of diets that can potentially cause psychological and physical strains on the body.

Unrealistic expectations

Of course, it is not only the media who have a certain responsibility in propagating supposedly faster ways to success. Because in the end we, as consumers, are responsible for always wanting to take shortcuts. The faster we get to our destination, the better! Walking the path of least resistance can be quite humane, but it can also cause problems. Because many fitness-seeking beginners don't believe years of hard training and good nutrition are the key to success, but want quick results. By the way, these unrealistic expectations quickly push people into the hands of scammers.

The first step: stay realistic

So, if you really want to be successful in terms of long-term nutrition, you should first of all develop realistic expectations. Because in principle, the ideas of many beginners in the gym are completely absurd. It is simply not possible to lose several pounds of fat in a year and build many pounds of muscle at the same time, although it would certainly be nice if that could happen. As a rule, changes happen much slower than photos of transformations circulating on the web. That's why it's important to capture your progress with photos. And most importantly, your motivation must remain high, because without it no one will be able to feed well or stay active for a long time in training.

Clear objective

Incidentally, it is very important to set clear goals for yourself. It is better to visualize with your mind's eye what your figure should be; this contributes immensely to motivation. Basically, beginners, but also advanced, should first embark on the path towards only one goal. Because both women and men usually pursue two goals: weight reduction and muscle growth. Between these two goals, beginners should choose and focus their diets precisely on weight loss or muscle gain. Knowledge of nutritional principles plays a specific role here. One should sufficiently deal with the problem of effective and healthy weight loss, rather than simply following the advice of supposed experts. Prepare good quality food Above all, sustainable nutrition means choosing good food in everyday life. What is good Well, the main thing is that they contain all the nutrients that the body actually needs. This means, for example, relying on long-chain nutritional elements instead of short-chain carbohydrates. In short: you should avoid too many sweets and soft drinks, which are usually transformed into simple sugars and prefer carbohydrate sources such as rice, wholemeal bread or potatoes. An advantage of long-chain carbohydrates is that it significantly increases insulin levelsna

Count the proteins!

Protein is very important to any healthy diet. After all, they are essential for muscle growth while helping with weight loss. Plus, good sources of protein are extremely abundant. Incidentally, one of the protein sources with the highest biological value is chicken egg. But of course, chicken, turkey and beef are also great resources to draw on. Those who want to avoid animal proteins prefer legumes instead.legumi.

Good fat

Fat is not yet intended as a macronutrient in many people. Absolutely wrong notions, because fat can actually help you lose weight. However, it is true that most people instinctively demonize the right fats, such as the margarine in potato chips and various fats that can be found in other foods. On the other hand, the fats of salmon, avocado, olive oil and various nuts are very healthy and important for the proper functioning of our body. Be careful here. In fact, while one gram of carbohydrates and protein combine four calories each, nine different fats are consumed, so it's important to consume them on a limited scale. Of course, dieters should not neglect micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, because especially during periods of weight loss, the immune system must be safeguarded..

Meaningless and significant weight loss

Meaningful and sustainable weight loss is simple enough in theory, but not in practice. Because basically we have to consume more calories through core and performance activities than we consume, until we lose weight. It's called making a calorie deficit - and that's where problems arise. For many crash diets this deficit is too high. Often people who try such a diet lack 800-1000 calories compared to the real requirement. Obviously, they lose fat relatively quickly this way, which is undisputed. Unfortunately, such diets do not promote long-term motivation for a healthy diet, as well as create problems with fatigue and low blood sugar. With such diets one suffers virtually permanently - and all day, seven days a week. This is also reflected in the mental state. Because good food makes you happy, you shouldn't underestimate it in such diets.

The secret of the right calorie deficit

So the secret is not to overdo it completely. In other words, after a while small meals to chew can make sense with which you can compensate for the feeling of permanent hunger and the forgoing of permanent satisfaction. These can not only motivate, but also start burning fat again. Because if the caloric deficit period extends, the body switches to the mode where it actually burns nothing. Speaking of calorie deficit: if we stay on the 200-400 calorie deficit we can not starve and still be able to get good results. In this way, negative effects remain on the psyche, but to a much lesser extent. If, of course, in the long term, you get to a better shape, the diet with which you will keep will certainly be more relaxing than the one used to reduce your weight. Health is not tested, as there is no obvious shortage of essential nutrients for the body


In summary, it is true that the right diet is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Patience and discipline are certainly the most important prerequisites here.

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