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Smagliature e Cibi che le Riducono
Atrophic streaks, also called stretch marks in jargon, are unsightly white or pink lines that appear on the skin, especially in women, but which do not even design to appear on the belly and hips of some gentleman, who over the years has suffered a certain yo effect -yo, with lucullian lunches alternating with lean periods

When stretch marks can appear

Generally, we start from the age of development, that is when we get up a lot in terms of centimeters, and the skin, even if elastic, is sometimes unable to keep up with these sudden changes. Generally they appear, in that age, on boys and girls thighs and breasts valid only for women, if it were to grow out of all proportion in a short time. We then move on to a more adult age, and women know this very well, who with one or more pregnancies, see the skin that was once so firm and elastic in the belly and hips fade and, without the necessary precautions, before and after childbirth, they find themselves with many of these unpleasant streaks, sometimes even very deep.fonde.

Edible and non-edible remedies

Stretch marks are difficult to stem and fight. But it is not entirely impossible, without necessarily resorting to surgery. Here are some practical tips:
  • Dry skin breaks down more easily, and becomes less elastic; therefore use a good body cream as a daily basis, and drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin from the insiderno
  • Exercise helps to stretch the skin and make it more elastic to stressi
  • Lavender oil is an excellent softener and acts within the streakra
  • Aloe vera gel can help block the first signs of skin sagging see, for example, the Herbalife Aloe Vera Soothing Gele)
  • Green light to tomatoes, bovine liver, green leafy vegetables, low-fat cheeses and potatoes great sources of silicon, which help with their contents in vitamins especially A and C and minerals.ali.
Do not forget olive oil and dried fruit, great sources of antioxidants.i.

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