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Scopriamo il colesterolo: definizione e rimedi
When this term is used, in general, and erroneously, it is associated with something negative, pathological. We must first specify that cholesterol is none other than oneorganic lipid molecule useful to our body for different essential functions. Among its various activities, we mention that it serves as:
  • Hormonal precursor, as it synthesizes hormones
  • Producer of bile
  • Embryo developer
  • Structural protector, as it is part of cell membranes
  • Vitamin D co-trainer
Much of the total cholesterol in our plasma is produced by the body itself, and not due to food introduced with excess lipids. Hence the dual origin of cholesterol, that is endogenous (by the body andd exogenous (from food it makes us understand how relevant it is in terms of organic functions and how much it is a cleared and improperly used term.e.

Good cholesterol and bad cholesterolivo’

This is a classification that has been part of our culture for years, the distinction of which is determined by the type of protein, that is when HDL high density lipoproteins are present we speak of good cholesterol, while the bad one is given by low lipoproteins. LDL density. When LDL values exceed the threshold established by the Ministry of Health, then we can actually speak of an excess of bad cholesterol. Up to these values, however, it has its specific function and its importance. In practice, there must be, as long as there is not an overabundance of it. When an excess of cholesterol is denoted, these molecules clog the arteries preventing a normal blood supply. In short, they create very dangerous mechanical barriers, which lead to cardiovascular diseases. They are also called atherosclerotic plaques and gradually damage the walls of blood vessels. An excess of cholesterol can be caused by genetic factors or an inadequate lifestyle, poor exercise and high-fat foods. HDL molecules, on the other hand, transport plasma from the periphery of the body to vital organs.ani vitali.

How to decrease the risk of stroke and heart attack

Lipercolesterolemia can also be fought at the table, where the correct food choices lead to a better state of health. The rules to be adopted in these cases are as follows:
  • Prefer plant-based foods, as bad cholesterol molecules are found in animal-based foods
  • Abundant therefore with fruit, vegetables and legumes; the latter are also a rich source of lean and plant-based proteins
  • Avoid fatty cooking such as fried foods and prefer boiling, baking or steaming
  • Include whole grains and fiber in the diet, at least 25 grams per day, as they greatly reduce the absorption of fats by the intestineno
  • Prefer as a condiment, albeit moderately, extra virgin olive oil, rich in good cholesterol, or Omega-3 fatty acidsa-3
  • Avoid cigarette smoking, as it inhibits the accumulation of HDL in favor of LDLL
  • Practicing physical activity on a weekly basis, more or less intense, to avoid the metabolic syndrome and to dispose of any extra pounds especially on the waistline, which should never exceed 85 centimetersi

Herbalife's proposals

To combat the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the blood, Herbalife proposes various tools, starting from a healthy and balanced diet, but alongside this also an innovative product that has recently arrived on the market and approved by the various Ministries, namely BETA HEART, which radically fights excess cholesterol; one scoop a day helps prevent plaque, while two serve to lower blood lipid levels.

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