Discounts Herbalife products from 25% to 50%!

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Sconti prodotti Herbalife dal 25% al 50%!

You want to buy Herbalife products at discounted prices?

Keep reading this article to find out how to get Herbalife Italia products on sale starting from25% up to the discount of50..

Surely if you are reading this article it means that you are interested in taking advantage of discounts to buyHerbalife products and so you've already tried the products for theweight loss, wellness diet or body careand know the effectiveness of these products for your health, line and workouts.

Herbalife Italyallows its customers to becomePrivileged Customer orDistributors, which means receiving a fixed discount on the products that are purchased.

How can you become a Preferred Customer or a Distributor and therefore a full Herbalife Member?

To get a fixed discount of 25 right away, just buy the Herbalife Member Pack Kit which includes all these articles:

  • 1 Jar of Formula 1 Meal Replacement – Vanilla flavor
  • Catalogue
  • 2 DVDs and 1 flyer to present the business opportunitye
  • Guide Book Handbook of wellness
  • Other material to start the businessà
  • Complimentary shaker Herbalife Nutrition measuring spoonn

Remember that you can only buy this Kit from an Authorized Distributor, like on this site and only in this way can you get this discount on your Herbalife products.

What are the main advantages of becoming a Preferred Customer or Distributor and what are the differences?

Let's immediately clarify the differences between these two types:

Privileged Customer: Recommended for those who want to make a purely personal use and want to receive discounts for the purchase of their favorite Herbalife products. The more you buy, the more your discount percentage will increase.

By purchasing the card, you become a direct customer of Herbalife Italia SPA and place orders directly with the company. Orders can be made either by connecting once we have received the Card that we issue directly to the Herbalife Italia SPA site, but it is also possible to order by phone by calling the Herbalife Italia SPA Call Center. The products will depart directly from the official Herbalife Italia warehouses, with GLS express courier, even if you order on this site the products depart directly from the Herbalife Italia warehouses with GLS express courier as to guarantee always fresh products with a minimum expiry date of 24 months, up to 48 months. We have an electronic system and our orders are processed directly from the Herbalife Italia ITALIAN warehouseANO)

When you buy on this site there are no shipping costs that are at our expense. On the other hand, if you buy the Card from us you can buy it at Herbalife Italia with a discount of 25 but there will be the courier's shipping costs. For simplification we tell you that if you have to buy a few products, perhaps to see if they will be to your liking and if you will get the desired effects immediately then you should make a first purchase with prochi products and without shipping costs. Then if you decide to make more important purchases, then the discount of 25 will feel fully and even having the shipping costs that Herbalife Italia will put in your cart, you will still save.que.

And then some customers ask us: "at this point I can't first buy the products on some sites where they are below cost" Answer: Herbalife Italia has banned, never allowed the sale on generalist sites that sell everything, auction sites online, multi-brand sites. Because Herbalife Italia does not allow sales on these sites Because to sell discounted products the products sold on these sites are all imported, they NEVER have the Italian label they only have it in the photo you see. The products all come from India where they cost 1/4 that in Italy. But they traveled in containers on cargo ships, for a period of two months, under the sun of tropical seas from 30 to 55 degrees. Dry products have lost all their organoleptic properties, especially proteins, vitamins and trace elements. On the other hand, products containing water have changed their structural formula with heat and are highly harmful. Suffice it to say that even in Italy with much milder temperatures from 15 July to 5 September as many as 23 products are suspended from online sales by Herbalife Italia and neither with us nor with the Card can be purchased online. Herbalife Italia warehouse in Sesto San Giovanni or Rome. The sellers who sell on these generalist sites are covered by anonymity they have no address or telephone if you see some phone number as some product ads have it, try to call and either the number is non-existent or an Indian from India answers. They ship pallets of products bought for a few euros even the wording is different from the Italian one as the ministries of health are different and then they are delivered to you from Italy, but they are not Italian and have traveled for months on tankers under the sun.o il sole.

Now, finally, let's go back to the discount card:

THERE ARE NO MINIMUM OR MAXIMUM ORDERS TO MAKE, it is in fact possible not to buy any product for years and always keep the discount percentage. The discount percentage can only increase over time until it reaches 50 discount if you make a certain number of purchases. Once in possession of the Card, by connecting to the Herbalife Italia SPA site with your password that we will provide you, you will find a scroll bar and with each purchase the bar will advance towards the next discount percentage. It starts from 25 then 33 then 42. But there is no obligation to purchase. If you buy the discount percentage increases, otherwise by not buying anything it remains 25.25%.   

Distributor: Recommended instead for those who want to make a family use and / or want to start a career in selling Herbalife products to friends and acquaintances.

To learn even more about the difference between these two Herbalife Members, please visitThis Page.


Herbalife Italia SPA, Herbalife USA, Herbalife UK, the Herbalife Company in all 94 states where it is present, has always banned the sale of its products on Amazon and Ebay. Why Because on Amazon and Ebay sellers are anonymous. They have no name, address, telephone. If in any advertisement you find a foreign phone you try to call, no one will answer. Sellers are protected from anonymity. Since the Herbalife Company has absolutely forbidden the sale on these sites, under penalty of immediate termination of the contract with those who sell on these sites, whoever sells on these sites must remain anonymous otherwise the Company cancels the Card with which this seller buys. the products to sell. If you buy a phone or a computer on Amazon, you will find the name of the person selling it in the ad. But if you are looking for a Herbalife product on Amazon or on Ebay, the seller is breaking a strict Herbalife company rule and therefore you will never find its name, address, address. You will find a fictitious address and an invented VAT number. But you will never find an email or a phone. But the Company instead requires that the Distributor vendor is available to the Customer for any information on the product, on how to use it, for advice on the Diet, to talk, to communicate, to return the product EVEN 30 DAYS AFTER AND EVEN WITH AN EMPTY CAN getting a full refund. But if the sellers are anonymous and hidden from the portal on which they sell, how can the customer have a relationship with the seller There is no guarantee. And we are talking about products that are eaten and even without being cooked. If we were talking about hair curlers ... made of plastic ... OK. But here we are talking about basic rules for your health.ute.

If you want to ask the Herbalife Italia SPA company directly if it is true that it has always banned the sale on third-party sites, generalists such as Amazon and Ebay, you can directly call the Herbalife Italia SPA Call Center at this number 06 - find all contacts on the Company website

What do I need to do to become a Herbalife Member and get the discounts?

Very simple, you will have to buy this kit:Herbalife Member Pack from the total cost of58€ and then we will send you an email with instructions to follow to find out how it works and how to start buying discounted Herbalife products.

Remember that you will not be obliged to purchase any minimum or maximum quantities. There is no kind of constraint. The Card can also be purchased and never used. The Card also called KIT costs 58 euros but comes in a backpack full of things, in addition to the main meal replacement product Formula 1, the best-selling meal replacement in the world, since 1980, Shaker for making smoothies, Herbalife measuring spoon, price lists discounted, DVD with instructions, Diet manuals, etc.etc.

The price may seem high but think that inside you will find an article:Formula 1 Vanilla flavor that is worth46.99. Virtually almost all the price of the KIT!


How Herbalife product discount percentages work?

Every product you buy will have points, just like a points card from the pharmacy, gas station etc.
Based on how many points you accumulate, you will be able to scale up the discount percentage reserved for you, below a detailed list:

  • From 0 to 499 points: you will have-25% on the products purchased;
  • From 500 to 999 points: you will have-35% on the products purchased;
  • From 1000 pointsi: you will have-42% on the products purchased;
  • From 4000 points accumulated over 12 months: you will have-50% on the products purchased.

So right away with0 points you will have the official Herbalife Italia products at a discounted price of 25 up to even 50 off!o!

Something is not clear to you about the points or about the Herbalife Kit Don't worry, feel free to contact us at this page for any clarification or doubt about it: Contact us or call us at our toll-free number:800 52 97 10, every day from 10 to 20.

So What are you waiting for Get started today aa save by purchasing the discount card

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