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Rughe di Espressione e Rughe degli β€˜Anta’
Memories and experiences enrich the soul year after year, but the freshness of our appearance, once young and lively, seems to gradually abandon us and is difficult to accept! Unfortunately the aging of the skin and of the body in general is a slow but inexorable process that leaves us no way out but even if completely natural, this biological process can in fact be influenced by a myriad of different factors. One of the objectives of Western society today is to find eternal youth, or at least try to counter the signs of advancing time. The ticking of the clock cannot be stopped, but you can act in time to avoid some marks on the epidermis. How the skin ages and why It is an irreversible evolution of the skin with the loss of hydration, elasticity, tone and the appearance of wrinkles, hyperkeratosis, thickening of the skin difficult to prevent, but all in all treatable and age spots hyperpigmentation, or dark coloring of areas of the skin. All these signs, more or less evident, occur as a result of parallel events, where one is chronological aging essentially due to age and the other is aging due to environmental factors.tori ambientali.

Chronological aging

It begins after the age of 25, although it varies little from person to person, and becomes more evident from age 40 and up. Basically it is the slow reduction of the regenerative capacity of the cells that form what is called the basement membrane. The consequence is that the epidermis thins. Less and less melanocytes are produced, exposing us more to ultraviolet rays and sunburn. The fibroblasts present in the dermis lose consistency and reduce the stimulus of the biosynthesis of macromolecules, i.e. elastin and collagen tend to function less, and therefore the skin will be less elastic and compact. The decrease of sebum present in the glands increases the dryness of the skin and the glucosaminoglycans, for example, hyaluronic acid, are also reduced.o).

Environmental factors

By environmental factors we mean all those situations that, over time, can make the skin uncomfortable, such as, first of all, prolonged exposure to the sun. Whether for work reasons or for pleasure, especially if it lacks adequate protection, the epidermis tends to dry out and not regenerate properly. In fact, we usually notice much deeper wrinkles on perpetually tanned faces than on light or pink ones. This is what is called photoaging, or premature aging of the skin due to the sun's rays. The damage of this behavior can also be irreversible, such as the appearance of numerous freckles that will turn into real age spots over time. But not only that, the capillaries can become more evident even if they break and skin tumors can form. Other environmental factors that determine premature aging are undoubtedly pollutants, massively present in the air today, and even passive cigarette smoke. Unfortunately, these agents cause an increase in free radicals, which damage the membranes and their DNA, thickening the skin and making it lose its elasticity. The skin will then appear less toned and withered.vizzita.

How wrinkles evolve

Aging is noticeable above all with the appearance of the first wrinkles, or more or less deep, permanent or almost permanent furrows, which are dug on the face. However, expression lines must be distinguished from aging, which are purely deriving from facial expressions and habits in speaking and in expressing emotions through attitudes of the eyes and mouth. Wrinkles caused by old age appear after 30-35 due to the lack of elasticity of the epidermis and the effect of gravity. In fact, the mass of the subcutaneous muscles tends to relax more and more; cheekbones, chin and eyelids are the areas most subject to this sagging, especially after the age of

What to do after the age of 30

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