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Rigenerare una Pelle poco Luminosa
When looking in the mirror, in the morning as soon as we wake up or in the evening before sleeping, we can only see the signs of tiredness, anxiety, stress and an unregulated diet, then it is really time to run for cover. A skin lacking in brightness is defined as a dull, greyish skin with a poorly groomed and smooth appearance. If you are breaking down and are about to put away war leaves, don't give up! The causes of tired skin can be many, but there are a few tricks that will bring your face back.lto.

Because my skin is dull?

As already mentioned, the reasons can be found in different areas of our life, including:
  • The city of belonging, or the percentage of smog and pollution concentration in general; it is clear that the higher the rate of unclean air, the more our skin and not only the skin will suffer clear consequences of premature aging and so onndo
  • Living and working in always sunny environments such as near the sea without the daily use of a regular protection that protects us from UV rays harmful to the skin and to the body in generalerale
  • Staying for long periods and daily in closed environments with recycled and unclean air, air conditioners and stale air typical of offices or factories. The skin breathes as much and more than our lungs and needs fresh air, at least from time to timeanto
  • Do not bother to thoroughly cleanse your face both in the evening and in the morning, preferring a delicate product that is perfectly suited to the type of our dermis, which can be oily, mixed or dry. Make-up must always be removed carefully and from time to time you can also use a specific scrub that is not too aggressive
  • Eating superficially, using junk food and not feeding on all the essential vitamins and minerals that the skin so badly needs. It has been known for many years now that a careful choice of foods to put on the table determines big differences in our health in general and also in the aesthetic aspect of body and skinpelle

How our skin is made

The integumentary system covers our entire body and the outermost part is called the epidermis. The skin performs various functions, not only of protection, but also of thermoregulation, secretion and sensory activity. In the epidermis there are billions of cells in continuous evolution and reproduction that move from the innermost layer to the outermost one and then detach themselves definitively from our body. In the different layers, we find cubic cell keratinocytes, composed of keratin filaments, polyhedral cells with tonofibrils and proteins, floor cells rich in keratin and ketohalin, and dying lamina cells..

How to treat less vital skin

To give a boost of energy and vitality to our skin, Herbalife has created theSKIN line, that is a set of products useful for skin rejuvenation also exploiting vitamin E which constantly fights against free radicals.

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