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Thermo Complete e Thermo Giallo: due prodotti a confronto

If you are inquiring about the topic "thermogenic fat burner pills”, there is a very good chance that you have laid eyes on the Herbalife product: Thermo Complete. Does this metabolism-enhancing complex really have what it takes to help users shed excess fat? Well, let's say that we are dealing with a product of fundamental importance for anyone who wants to follow a full-blown Herbalife diet.

But, who has given more than a glance at the Herbalife products, will have noticed that it is not the only thermogenic of the American giant. There is also another similar product: Thermo Giallo, also a "must have" if you want to better face a healthy diet based on a calorie deficit.

But let's proceed in order…



What is Herbalife Thermo Complete?

Thermo Giallo

Thermo Complete or Thermo Giallo?

Let's go deeper: "I don't lose more weight than this..."

What is Herbalife Thermo Complete?

Cos'è Herbalife Thermo Complete?

The product Thermo Complete it is known simply as a diet pill manufactured by Herbalife.

A bottle of Thermo Complete costs €49.92, contains 90 tablets and consequently it will last for about a month for those who follow the basic indications of 3 tablets a day.

This product is in stock on our store and is considered one of the top products by those who want to burn fat.

The product consists of a complex of vitamins, caffeine ed herbal tea extracts. Herbalife itself describes Thermo Complete as an "all natural thermogenic compound" that can contribute substantially to weight loss.

Consumers of Thermo Complete are promised effects such as faster metabolic rates, higher energy levels, as well as improved focus and alertness.


Does Herbalife Thermo Complete work?

Herbalife Thermo Complete funziona?

In light of extensive research on the results obtained by users of this product, it is possible to conclude that Thermo Complete has a high potential to be useful for weight loss. However it must be used in the right context.

First of all, it must be emphasized that the Herbalife Thermo Complete formula is not able to "burn fat" in the true sense of the term. No ingredient within this product has the ability to directly and independently "burn fat". Plus, this isn't even an appetite suppressant.

Having said that, Thermo Complete can play a useful role for anyone who wants to achieve a leaner physique. We believe Thermo Complete should be seen as an invaluable aid in burning excess fat, rather than some sort of miracle weight loss pill. But above all it is not a product that can be used to counteract a poor diet and an inactive lifestyle: to see tangible weight loss results, you will still have to opt for a low-calorie diet and some healthy exercise.

But then, ultimately, what are the benefits What can be gained from using Thermo Complete?

I three main advantages of using Thermo Complete will be higher energy levels, faster metabolic rates it's a better concentration. If you demonstrate the willpower and dedication to stick to a low-calorie diet for a period of 12-16 weeks, using Thermo Complete during this process can certainly help you see best weight loss results.


The pros and cons of Herbalife Thermo Complete

Let's look at the positives and negatives regarding taking Herbalife Thermo Complete:


I pro

  • Helps improve patient's energy levels
  • Helps improve the speed of metabolism
  • Contains vitamin C, useful for general health


The cons

  • The product does not contain ingredients that "burn fat" directly and independently
  • Does not contain ingredients that "reduce appetite"


On the first point against Thermo Complete not much can be done: products that actually burn body fat do not exist. On the second, however, there is a solution.

And this is where it comes into play Thermo Giallo.


Thermo Giallo

Thermo Giallo

Everyone can have gods energy drops during the day; the causes can be tiredness, stress, fatigue, weakness or altered blood glucose values.

To overcome these declines, he is an excellent ally Thermo Giallo, a dietary supplement manufactured by Herbalife. Thermo Yellow is rich in chrome, an essential trace mineral that promotes natural regulation of sugars in the body allowing to check glycemic peaks and excessive dependence on sugars and refined carbohydrates. In case of deficiency, the body is forced to do more work to regulate the rate of glucose in the blood and this leads to a greater search for sugar. The chrome, despite being present in some foods such as flour, rice and sugar, due to the refining process to which they are subjected, it is drastically reduced or even eliminated. Over the years, this trace mineral is retained less and less by the body and excessive sugar consumption and stress can deplete chromium stocks. Thermo Yellow helps reduce energy losses, which are often at the origin of craving for snacks, and regulate the level of glucose in the blood; helps to decrease appetite and it is essential for the glucose, cholesterol and weight control. It is called a "sugar burner" due to its particular speed of action in eliminating blood sugar swings. It helps curb the convulsive desire for hunger and for those who play sports, it determines the increase in muscle mass. To ensure the energy needed for the brain, blood sugar must always be constant: values that are too low or too high can cause diabetes. We must not forget to follow a good diet based on fruit and vegetables, to exercise, but it can always come in handy Thermo Giallo, also very useful for those who want to lose weight.


What is chromium used for?

A cosa serve il cromo?

The chromium supplements are often used as an aid to weight loss and for check blood sugar. Chromium works by helpingaction of insulin in the body. Insulin is essential for the metabolism and the storage of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the body.

It is found in a variety of foods, but the precise amount isn't always easy to determine.

It is also difficult to pinpoint if a person is deficient in chromium and whether or not supplements are helpful in those cases. Many studies of chromium supplements have been inconclusive but they also vary widely on the type of chromium studied and the doses used.

Currently the integration of chromium has two purposes: the type 2 diabetes treatment and, as anticipated, the weight loss.


Type 2 diabetes

Reviews of multiple studies show that chromium supplements significantly reduced blood sugar and triglyceride levels in people with type 2 diabetes. A systematic review of 25 studies found that supplementing with 200 micrograms (mcg) of chromium picolinate improved glycemic control without increasing side effects compared with placebo.


Weight loss

While the benefits of using chromium for weight loss aren't conclusive, the theory that it could help with weight loss is based on the idea that regulated blood sugar will result in a reduction of cravings to transgress the diet. And we all know how helpful it is to be able to count on a supplement that makes us feel less of a desire to eat junk food whenever we feel peckish which, if ignored for a while, gradually becomes something more. .


Thermo Complete or Thermo Giallo?

It goes without saying that these two products, while having some common pointshave two different purposes. Thermo Complete gives us the fuel we need to get our bodies going and push us to do more. Do more physical activity, have more motivation, don't lose sight of focus.

Thermo Giallo, on the other hand, supports us in times of need by compensating for all the imbalances that a diet inevitably creates, especially at the beginning.

Well, at this point you will be able to have an overview of what these two Herbalife home products can do for you when you are under stress due to a demanding dietary regime. At this point you can be satisfied with the information you have collected or decide to continue your journey in the in-depth awareness of these two Herbalife products.

In this second case, continue reading…


Let's go deeper: "I don't lose more weight than this..."

Many patients complain, after a few months of dieting, of being in the so-called 'stalemate period', where the kilos do not go up or down, not even in the face of fasting or climbing high mountains and losing weight seems impossible ! It's a completely physiological situation which happens to practically 99% of people who follow a low-calorie diet. But why do we fall into this vicious circle from time to time? Because our body was created to get used to everything; it is perfectly capable of adapting even to restrictive regimes, with the technique of slowing down the metabolism.


Metabolism: what is it?

Il metabolismo: cos’è?

Metabolism means the set of all those chemical reactions act to modify substances naturally present in the body and also those brought from the outside, with food. They are complex chemical transformations without which we could not live. When the calories ingested are minimal, or when for a long period we have considerably reduced the number of calories introduced, our body tends to slow down this chemical process, saving energy and nutrients. And it is precisely for this reason that from time to time we always find ourselves weighing the same kilos, always seeing the same amount of pads on our thighs, while denying ourselves almost everything at the table! The slowdown in metabolism causes not only a block in losing weight, but also makes us feel tired, exhausted, lacking strength... it is with this mechanism that the body manages to save energy, storing fat and sugars trying to consume them as little as possible. In those situations we can feel fainting, migraines, palpitations and so on. In the long run, we would also notice dull hair that falls out more frequently, nails that break, grayish skin that is not very hydrated... this is because our body distributes the few nutrients introduced among the most important organs, neglecting the less necessary areas (for example, without hair you can live peacefully, without a heart no!).


How to stimulate the metabolism

The human body is an almost perfect machine, but somehow we can 'get around' it with little tricks. First of all, it is strictly forbidden to skip meals!! It's the worst thing we can do when we're in the doldrums if we want to lose weight. By skipping meals, our body would save all possible energy, and we would not even be able to get out of bed anymore. We must, even with the help of a dietician or a nutritionist, draw up a plan of attack that allows us to eat every 3-4 hours satiating ourselves with small light meals but rich in vitamins and minerals. In this way, while maintaining a low level of total calories throughout the day, we will give a boost of grit and energy to the metabolism, which will reactivate, believing it has to 'get rid of' a greater number of lipids, sugars and calories. Physical activity in these cases becomes a great ally, since even half an hour of daily movement can stimulate the body to burn previously accumulated fat stocks.


How to counteract slow metabolism

There are some very simple tricks to implement that can help, even substantially, for burn off more calories within the day:


  • Don't focus solely on the three main meals, but feed yourself with small snacks every 3-4 hours
  • Eat at least 1,200 calories a day, otherwise the body will activate its 'energy saving' system, further slowing down the metabolism
  • Eating lots of fish, rich in Omega-3 (increases the work of the thyroid by stimulating the metabolism)
  • Constantly vary foods, including proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and also the number of calories consumed throughout the day; unfortunately the body tends to get used to everything
  • Keep fit with targeted exercise, especially weight lifting and jogging
  • Use some supplements that can boost your metabolism without collateral damage


Regarding the last point on the list, Herbalife really thinks of all those people who cannot easily lose weight and who feel they are part of the 'slow metabolism' group.


Herbalife's answer

It was born in the Herbalife laboratories Thermo Complete, a revolutionary herbal product created specifically to stimulate weight loss in people who are following a low calorie diet, precisely to prevent or cure the stall we discussed earlier. Thermo Complete it contains many exciting elements, such as cocoa powder, caffeine, green tea and maté grass, which give an incredible boost of energy, and thanks to which the day will seem less difficult and stressful. Thermo Complete it acts against the slowdown of fat metabolism, supports memory and defeats skin aging. Thanks to green tea and its powerful EGCG catechins, this product helps you not to store fat from food, and with its high content of Matè grass, you will no longer feel hunger pangs between meals. Thermo Complete stimulates thermogenesis for a deep disposal of toxins and lipids within your body.

An excellent ally for all people who complain about a slow metabolism and a few extra pounds that just don't want to go away!



La termogenesi

Thermogenesis is the amount of energy used to process and digest dietary foods. It is divided into fixed and optional. The fixed one largely depends on the type of food ingested; in fact, lipids require an energy expenditure of 3%, carbohydrates of 7% and proteins (especially animal) reach up to 35%. This is why high-protein diets stimulate the thermic effect in our body in an all too exaggerated way while allowing us to lose weight very quickly (not without side effects). Facultative thermogenesis is directly dependent on the sympathetic nervous system following a meal. It has been shown that obese patients have a particularly mild thermogenic response and therefore tend to accumulate more fat. With a little movement every day and with the help of a valid product like Thermo Complete, even the most difficult subjects will be able to stimulate thermogenesis, effectively losing weight.


Garcinia Cambogia: the secret ingredient

The Garcinia Cambogia is a plant native to Southeast Asia and is also known as “indian strawberry”, is a fruit similar to a small pumpkin. It is used in slimming products due to the presence of hydroxycitric acid (AHC) extracted from the peel of the fruit and in addition to being an excellent solution to the problem of obesity, it is useful for fighting cholesterol and for the accumulation of triglycerides. Hydroxycitric acid is beneficial to health; increases serotonin levels in the body, helps you feel better, keeps away the feeling of hunger, prevents the body from assimilating carbohydrates, improves sleep, mood, concentration, keeps away stress and gives more energy. AHC is a natural weight loss supplement that helps you lose weight quickly and safely. The active ingredients contained in Garcinia can help you regain your ideal weight in a short time and without any sacrifice. Balanced nutrition is a vital part of weight loss, but the problem exists not so much for the main meals, but in the intervals of time when the desire to snack increases.


Supplement based on Garcinia Cambogia: Thermo Yellow

To block the craving for these snacks, it can help Thermojetics Giallo of Herbalife, a food supplement rich in chromium which assists the metabolism of macronutrients and favors a natural regulation of blood glucose levels. It is a product with an incredible effect, particularly suitable for weight loss, it protects the body from excesses that could compromise the results achieved. It is also indicated for those who make daily use of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc., and is useful for those with excess blood sugar. Thermo Yellow is a scientifically advanced formula that provides daily appetite control against snacking, aiding metabolism. If you want to lose weight and achieve your goals, take Herbalife Thermo Yellow and you will get excellent results.



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