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Many patients complain, after a few months of dieting, that they are in the so-called stall period, where the kilos do not go up or down, even in the face of fasting or climbing in the high mountains and losing weight seems impossible! It is a completely physiological situation that practically happens to 99 of the people who follow a low-calorie diet. But why from time to time we fall into this vicious circle Because our organism was created to get used to everything; it is perfectly able to adapt even to restrictive regimes, with the technique of slowing down the metabolism.ismo.

Metabolism is what it is’è

Metabolism indicates the set of all those chemical reactions aimed at modifying the substances naturally present in the organism and also those brought from the outside, with food. They are complex chemical transformations without which we could not live. When the calories ingested are minimal, or when for a long period we have considerably reduced the number of calories, our body tends to slow down this chemical process, saving energy and nutrients. And it is precisely for this reason that from time to time we find ourselves always weighing the same kilos, always seeing the same amount of pads on the thighs, while denying us almost everything at the table! The slowdown of the metabolism causes not only a block in weight loss, but also makes us feel tired, exhausted, lacking in strength.It is with this mechanism that the body is able to save energy, storing fats and sugars trying to consume them as little as possible. In those situations we can feel fainting, headaches, palpitations and so on. In the long run we would also notice dull hair that falls out more frequently, nails that break, a greyish skin that is not very hydrated.This is because our body distributes the few nutrients introduced between the most important organs, neglecting the less necessary areas, for example, without hair. you can live quietly, no heart !.re no!).

How to stimulate the metabolism

The human body is an almost perfect machine, but somehow we can get around it with some little tricks. First of all, it is strictly forbidden to skip meals !! It is the worst thing we can do when we find ourselves in the deadlock if we want to lose weight. By skipping meals, our body would save all possible energy, and we wouldn't even be able to get out of bed anymore. We must, even with the help of a dietician or nutritionist, draw up a plan of attack that allows us to eat every 3-4 hours, filling ourselves with small, light meals rich in vitamins and minerals. In this way, while maintaining a low level of total calories throughout the day, we will give a boost of grit and energy to the metabolism, which will reactivate, believing that it has to dispose of a greater number of lipids, sugars and calories. Physical activity in these cases becomes a great ally, since even half an hour of daily movement can stimulate the body to burn the previously accumulated fat stores.cumulate.

Herbalife's answer

In the Herbalife laboratories, a revolutionary herbal product has recently been born, created specifically to stimulate weight loss in people who are following a low-calorie diet, precisely to prevent or treat the stall we discussed previously.Thermo Complete is an innovative herbal supplement that stimulates the basal metabolism and supports you with many vitamins and minerals. Thanks to green tea and its powerful EGCG catechins, this product helps you not to store fat from food, and with its high content of Matè grass, you will no longer feel hunger pangs between meals. Thermo Complete stimulates thermogenesis for a deep disposal of toxins and lipids within your body.


Thermogenesis is the amount of energy used to process and digest foods introduced in the diet. It is divided into fixed and optional. The fixed one depends largely on the type of food ingested; in fact, lipids require an energy expenditure equal to 3, carbohydrates 7 and proteins, especially animal proteins, reach up to 35. This is why high-protein diets stimulate the thermal effect in our organism in an excessively exaggerated way while allowing us to lose weight very quickly, not without side effects. Facultative thermogenesis is directly dependent on the sympathetic nervous system following a meal. It has been shown that obese patients have a particularly mild thermogenic response and therefore tend to accumulate more fat. With a little movement every day and with the help of a good product likedotto come Thermo Complete, even the most difficult subjects will be able to stimulate thermogenesis, effectively losing weight.

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